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NCG Reviews: Overcooked 2 (PS4, Switch, PC)

Team 17 is bringing Overcooked back with more kitchen madness! Jump into your food truck and find a way to defeat the un-bread!


After reading the necro -nomnom- icon and accidentally raising the un-bread, you must hop in your food truck, hone your cooking skills, and defeat the un-dead bread monsters!  The story isn’t pertinent to the game, but the jokes and humor help set the overall tone for your kitchen journey.6-2


If you’ve played Overcooked, then you already have a feel for how Overcooked 2 will work. What I really enjoyed about Overcooked 2 is that it’s not a re-skin of its predecessor.  There are more features to the game, and more ways to utilize what you already know.2-3


The throw feature is a new addition to the game.  You’ll have to figure out how to launch foods across the kitchen and chasms (and other obstacles) to ensure your team mates can cook/cut ingredients.  Throwing adds another layer of strategy to game as players learn how to send food to areas and players that can’t be reached.  Thrown food can  be caught directly,  land on a surface, or, of course, land in your hand knocking something important out of it.  The throw feature is limited to food, so you can’t throw dishes around the kitchen.  The plates would break, you know?


Unfortunately, you can’t make your chef swear across the kitchen when you’re frustrated (*!@#$@*#$*@#$%@*!), but you CAN communicate what your chef is thinking, feeling, or doing.  This is especially helpful for online modes where you can’t yell at your friend sitting next to you.


Not only are there new game mechanics, but there are new types of levels with a variety of menus.  Dynamic levels force players to change their strategy and work around the level.  This means switching tasks between chefs and figuring out how the kitchen moves.  The complexity of the menu also poses a new challenge.  Overcooked did not require a variety of dishes to be made, but rather the dishes to be made in a complex environment.  In Overcooked 2, you really have to pay attention to not only your environment, but to what needs to be plated and which ingredients are required.  You’ll have quite a few errors if you’re not paying close attention.1-6

Dynamic levels create a new chaos, but in addition to a variety of stages, you get special levels if you meet specific requirements in a stage.  It’s like a special unlock feature! You’ll likely be looking at walkthroughs in a week or so to unlock the secret levels.  Or, you can see what you come up with on your own.  Whatever floats your boat.


Overcooked 2 doesn’t require your friends to all be in the same room.  Instead, you can play online! This is a fun feature in case your friends are way across town and don’t want to come over (boo to those types of friends!).  This mode, however, can be particularly difficult if no one is using a headset.  Overcooked is a game that requires a certain level of communication that does not happen within the game.  Yes, you can tell your teammates what task you will take on while playing, but when the timer is ticking, chaos ensues!

If playing with friends is not an option, you can also jump online and play against strangers.


This time around, the graphics and audio weren’t really beefed up.  Instead, the focus was the mechanics and game play.  Graphics do look a little bit nicer, and there are a couple new tunes to the sound track.2-6



Team 17 did a wonderful job incorporating new mechanics and levels to the game.  It’s enough to make the game feel “new” but it’s not a complete overhaul of the original title.  There’s enough balance that new players can jump in and learn the game, while veteran players can still feel challenged.

New modes, such as online and arcade mode, give the game a different dynamic.  You’re not limited to only couch co-op; you can now play with chefs across the world!


While the new online feature adds another game dynamic, it’s difficult to communicate with other players.  You do have the emote option to share what your chef will be doing, but when the clock is ticking down it’s difficult to stop and alert your teammates. Although, that is part of the challenge.

Even though there are a variety of new dynamic stages and complex menus, the game can start to feel too easy.  What I enjoyed about the first title was that the challenges weren’t exactly explained to you. You break the challenge down as you play and adapt to what needs to happen in the kitchen.

I would rate this game an 8 out of 10.


The game isn’t perfect but it’s a fun addition to the series.  Have you played Overcooked? How do you and your friends/family get when you play the game? Let us know in the comments!




Yooka-Laylee has a release date, drops the Wii U port and has a new trailer

Team17 has announced that Yooka-Laylee launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Mac and Linux on the 11 th April 2017. Further details to follow for Nintendo Switch.

Yooka-Laylee is now available to pre-order at $39.99 for non-Kickstarter backers in both digital and physical formats from all participating stores worldwide. Kickstarter backers will soon have the option to upgrade to a physical version if they choose. The pre-order offer includes an instant unlock to the Yooka-Laylee Toybox which gives a taste of the platforming mechanics set to appear in the full game in a self-contained, spoiler free sandbox experience.

Playtonic, the Developers of the game, has also provided an update on the Wii U™ version of Yooka-Laylee, confirming that development is looking to transfer to the upcoming Nintendo Switch™ platform.

WORMS W.M.D: The Liberation

Team 17 is bringing in all the holiday goodies.  Check out free content for WORMS W.M.D.: The Liberation, which will be available December 7th!

The Liberation update includes:
* 5 new single player levels to conquer
* New drillboat vehicle! The first aquatic vehicle to be added to the series with a deadly drill!
* 4 new weapons including the Mischievous Drone, W1 Rocket, Tasty Worm Lick and Worm Stinger
* New theme to battle upon including new buildings and tunnels to explore
* 12 new customisations to adorn your worms with from the Bicorne and Beret to the Cheese hat and Rubber Glove!

The game will also include :

A brand new theme including 5 new single player levels to tackle, a new vehicle to set sail with, 4 new weapons to destroy your opponents with and 12 new customisation items for your worms!

Overcooked: The Festive Seasoning

If you didn’t already hate your friends enough after working in the kitchen, Team 17 is bringing some more modes for our favorite chaotic co-op game: Overcooked. You can pick up this next DLC pack, The Festive Seasoning, FREE on December 6th.

The Festive Seasoning DLC includes:
* 8 new co-op levels set in the new Winter Lodge theme
* 2 new chefs to unlock, the snowman and reindeer
* 2 new recipes to dish up, Turkey Dinner and Stew
* A new way to cook recipes, the flamethrower!
* Santa hats for your chefs
* A brand new wintery world map, complete with a snowmobile to get around with

Overcooked review

Overcooked was released just recently and, let me tell you, this game is so much fun! Hear me out.

Overcooked’s game play is basically is working in a kitchen: grab the ingredients, prep them, cook them, deliver the finished food to the customer, wash dishes rinse and repeat. The game can get so hectic when the various stages have some sort of gimmick to make it harder for you to cook. For example, one stage is two cars that drive away from each other periodically making it hard to get ingredients or cook your food. In another stage, rats keep trying to steal your prepped food so you have to smack them away -those damn rats!

The graphics of Overcooked are nothing fancy and that’s ok; its not a game that lives and dies on them. The real beauty of Overcooked is the game play.

The controls are both simple and hard both at once. My biggest complaint of the game is on PC  you can’t really play with a keyboard and succeed (maybe you can, but I can’t). You definitely need a game pad, either a PS3/4 or Xbox controller. With controllers you only really use three buttons; chop/wash, pick up and put down, and dash. The craziness comes in when you realize that if you play as a single player you still have to control two characters, and they can both be controlled with the single controller. Doing two different actions using the same controller gets very hectic, trust me.

The real fun of Overcooked is the multiplayer. If you get three or four friends you can play through the entire campaign in your quest to become a great chef and stop the Apocalypse. You can also play against each other in a versus mode. Pick your teammate wisely. Overall, Overcooked truly shines brightest when played with friends.

Overcooked is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC for $16.99. NCG highly recommends this game!