NCG Review – Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Overdrive (Switch)

A spin-off of the fighting game self titled Phantom Breaker, Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Overdrive was originally released back in 2013 on the Xbox 360, and on PlayStation Vita in 2014 as Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds. As well as seeing a later upgraded port on PlayStation 4 with the title Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Overdrive, the beat’em up title sheds new light on Nintendo’s newest system, the Nintendo Switch.PBBGOD_ss_SW_0073

Visuals and Audio

Like I mentioned, Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Overdrive is a spin-off of the fighting game title, so this title (PBBGO) has a different look. Characters are now in chibi form, and the title now takes on the older SNES inspired look and delivers that nostalgia to a new generation audience. The soundtrack is another aspect with the old-school Retro feel. With the crisp pixels artwork, the fantastic backgrounds, and the amazing 8-bit soundtrack, Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Overdrive will have players enjoying all aspects of the presentation as a whole.PBBGOD_ss_SW_0092


The story is plain and simple, Mikoto, Waka, Itsuki and Yuzuha has to fight through hordes of enemies to save their friend Nagi, who has been captured by Phantoms. There is some dialogue throughout the story, but it never seemed really important as you make your way through the game. I would say the story is lacking in that part, but this is a beat’em up title so I can’t justify it at the moment. That being said, players that are looking for a story still have one.PBBGOD_ss_SW_0137


Button mashing to fight your way through hordes of enemies, learning new skills while leveling your characters up, and pure anime flashy goodness. That is the best way to explain this title. Though this time around, the previous DLC is included in the Switch version. Players can now play as guest characters Makise Kurisu and Frau from the popular visual novels Steins;Gate and Robotics;Notes.

When jumping in Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Overdrive, players will noticed 4 game modes, Story, Arcade, Co-op, and Battleground. Story Mode takes players on a stage to stage adventure to save Nagi from the Phantoms, as they level up and kick ass throughout each of 8 levels.

As I played story mode, I found myself enjoying the game play, but not so much of the story, as I mentioned before. Most of the dialog only came out when fighting the end stage bosses, and didn’t really seem like it had a whole lot to do with anything. Game play is just like any beat’em up title, button mash your may through enemies, but you can learn new skills that can extend combos which rewards players with a higher score, and more EXP points to gain better skills. Arcade and Co-op, is more or less of the same, but you can now compete in having a high score in the leader board and play up to 4 players.phantom-breaker-battle-grounds

Battleground Mode is different take on the title, and another good way to enjoy multiplayer. Battleground mode is more of a 4 player free for all brawl, as each player can take their leveled up character and fight for the bragging rights. I really did enjoy this mode, mostly because it gave me a reason to come back to the title with friends.


Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Overdrive is a title that is a must have for anyone who is a fan of the beat’em up genre, and is even enjoyable to new players. With the multiplayer modes, the flat-out button mashing brawls, and the leveling up system, players will have something to come back to from days on end. I can give this title an 8 out of 10.


Dragon’s Crown Pro – Battle Hardened Edition

Dragon’s Crown Pro Battle Hardened Edition is now up for pre-order.  Why get this version? For the seven collectible cards and the limited edition case, of course!


Dragon’s Crown Pro features:
  • Visuals Fit for an Ancient Dragon – With beautifully refined artwork and 4K resolution support, Vanillaware’s signature art style will come alive as you bludgeon, cleave, shoot, and loot through the dungeons of Hydeland.

  • A Rousing Adventurer’s Soundtrack – A newly recorded soundtrack by fabled composer Hitoshi Sakimoto, supported by a live orchestra, will accompany daring treasure hunters on their search for the Dragon’s Crown.

  • Glorious Presentation – Rejoice because English and Japanese audio options will now be available! Plus, game text will be localized in French, Italian, German, and Spanish.

  • All the Royal Bells and Whistles – If you already own Dragon’s Crown, your saves won’t go to waste. There will be online cross-play & cross-save compatibility with existing PS3 and Vita versions. Oh, and all patches, features, and the Storyteller Voice Pack DLC from the original game will be included!

  • Four Player Frenzy – With the fun local couch co-op and online multiplayer you remember, up to four players can experience countless hours battling together.

While I am not too thrilled about the offerings on the Battle-Hardened Edition, I would absolutely love the collectible cards.

Have you played Dragon’s Crown? What did you think of the game? Will you be picking up Dragon’s Crown Pro? Let us know in the comments!

Meet the next 3 characters from The Alliance Alive

Today Atlus reveals three more characters for the upcoming title, The Alliance Alive.



 A signimancer which is a special type of mage that uses artifacts to wield magic, who belongs to the Signimancy Guild. He tends to look at the big picture and avoids acting emotionally. He is valued by the Daemons for his knowledge and eloquence.



A mercenary employed by the Signimancy Guild. She’s the opposite of Gene, with a fiery temperament, impulsively acting as soon as an idea pops into her head. She often argues with Gene because of their contrasting viewpoints. Though they argue, Gene and Rachel do set their views aside to fight for the cause.



A young girl researching the global threat called the “Dark Current.” She calls herself “The Genius Professor” and has used her intellect to create strange inventions. Don’t underestimate these inventions just because of their silly animal looks.

About the game:

They subjugated Humanity and created the Great Barrier to separate the realms. The world was thrown into upheaval, and the Dark Current was born. It carved a cross-shaped swath across the ocean, swallowing countless cities in its wake. Humanity was decimated. Hundreds of years later, Daemons rule atop a hierarchical society. However, the time for resistance has come. The world is about to change yet again.


Team Versus Mode details for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Capcom has released details of the new “Team Versus Mode” being added to Street Fighter V alongside the release of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.

Get the details below.

STREET FIGHTER V_20171218114000

Team Versus Mode allows local teams of up to five players to fight it out to see which side will come out victorious. To start it up, head to the main menu, select Versus, which will take you to another screen allowing you the option to choose Team Versus. Once you select it, you’ll be prompted with a list of different options to match your desired Team Battle, whether it’s against a team of players or CPU.

STREET FIGHTER V_20171218110526

  • No. of Team Members – You can have a team of up to five members. Each team must have an equal number of players.
  • Match Format – Choose between Elimination and Best of Series
  • Elimination – The winner stays on as the teams fight to the last man standing.
  • Best of Series – Each team member will match up against their corresponding opponent until one team wins the majority of the matches. If the number of battles won by each team is even, the result will be a draw. Draws can only occur in teams of two or four.
  • Vitality Recover – Choose how much vitality the winner recovers after each round. You can opt for Partial (recover green health and some gray health), Partial Green (recover actual health), or Full Recovery.
  • Retain EX Gauge – Allows whether the winner will be allowed to carry over their EX Gauge into the next round.
  • V-Gauge Advantage – In Elimination, determine whether the losing team will be given V-Gauge in the next round. Two bars will be given for a difference of two fighters, and three for a difference of three or more.
  • Change Order – The losing team can change their character order before the next fight. Selecting random will randomize the order, including who goes first.
  • Throwaway Matches – In Best of Series, choose whether to play all the battles even if the winner has already been decided.
  • Round Setting – Adjust the number of rounds required to win a game.
  • Match Time Settings – Set the time limit for a round.
  • CPU Difficulty – If playing against the CPU, determine their difficulty.


STREET FIGHTER V_20171218111112STREET FIGHTER V_20171218120445

Before each match begins, there will be a quick intro to show which character and V-Trigger was selected. Though you will choose all characters on the team beforehand, you’ll only choose the V-Trigger as each match begins, allowing you to change your strategy depending on which opponent you’ll face. During the match, the HUD will show how many players are left on each team, including the order they’re in.

STREET FIGHTER V_20171218122648STREET FIGHTER V_20171218122728STREET FIGHTER V_20171218115448

In between matches, the winner will recover Vitality, keep EX Gauge, or gain V-Gauge depending on which option was selected in the beginning. Under the Elimination format, the losing team will decide which of their players will go up next to fight the winner. In a CPU game, you’ll decide which character will fight you next.

Once the match ends, a battle summary will appear on screen detailing who won and lost each round, the win streak, and the win rate. Bragging rights are on the line! You can then choose to play the same battle over again, switch characters, or start from the very beginning.

STREET FIGHTER V_20171218114509

It may be called Team Versus Mode, but that doesn’t mean you need more than two players – or even one, if you’re against the CPU. If you want to play all five characters in the team, go right ahead! This is especially useful if you’re learning multiple characters and want a quick way to use them all without having to return to the Character Select screen.

All of the updates included with Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition (Arcade Mode, new V-Triggers, Extra Battle Mode, Team Versus Mode, and more) will also be added to the base version of Street Fighter V, which is available now for PlayStation 4 and PC, via a free update.


Two new songs for SUPERBEAT XONiC – Free!

‘Tis the season for giving and PM Studios is releasing two new songs for SUPERBEAT XONiC for free! You can get these new songs on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

The song pack features songs from Yousuke Yasui and Planetboom.

  1. Expressive Air 06
  2. Vertical Horizon

Be sure to also check out the 5th Bundle trailer below!

Will you be downloading these new tracks?  Which is your favorite console to play SUPERBEAT XONiC?  Let us know in the comments!