Danganronpa 3: Future Arc Episode 8

Who Killed Cock Robin

Spoilers ahead! Fighto-Oh!

Several years prior, the battle rages on at Hope’s Peak Academy.  Kizukura, along with a fellow teacher, are up against the heavy artillery of Despair.  Kizukura makes it out alive, but his teacher comrade, a former P.E. teacher, is not so lucky. Kizukura is trying to make it into the school to save… Kyoko?

Back to the future, Byakuya arrives at the Future Foundation HQ and, along with Hagakure, attempts to enter the building by removing all of the rubble blocking the entrance.

Finally, Naegi realizes that Gekkogahara is a robot.  When she goes haywire, Naegi and Asahina espcape the room only to run into Munakata.  Fortunately, Robo-Gekkogahara is on their side.  The most interesting part about this encounter is how she does not immediately process Munakata as a Future Foundation member.  When she sees him she  says, “New Future Foundation member sighted.” showing that he isn’t immediately registered.  Was it because of the drugs? Was it because he’s not officially part of the Future Foundation? Robo-Gekkogahara finally registers who he is (without specifying whether or not he is a Future Foundation member) and identifies him as a Level S threat.  She goes into Berserk Mode and fights him, giving Naegi and Asahina a chance to escape.

At Izayoi’s crime scene, Kyoko continues to investigate Izayoi’s murder. Kizukura has gained my respect and has also been added to my favorite character list! He immediately catches on to Ruruka.  Remember how I noticed her tears seemed totally fake? They absolutely were.  Kizukura reveals that she has her own faction of young Future Foundation members and plans to leave and create her own organization.  I don’t think this makes her bad.  What makes her a rotten character is that she is the one responsible for Izayoi’s death.

Sakakura enters the scene and vows that he is going to kill anyone who will get in Munakata’s way.  Kizukura lures him into a trap and reveals Sakakura’s forbidden action.

  • Sakakura cannot hit anyone with his bare hands
  • Kizukura cannot open his left hand

When Sakakura is subdued, Kyoko plans to continue her investigation, however, Ruruka sets off a trap that FUNimation_20160831173912nearly kills Kyoko.  Kyoko is saved thanks to Kizukura, who sacrifices his life for her by catching her with his left hand.  Why did he go through the effort? Remember the photo Kyoko’s father had on his desk? Kizukura snapped the photo and most likely vowed that he would protect Kyoko if anything were to happen to Jin.  (This is speculation on my part and not explicitly said)

Kyoko reveals Ruruka’s method of killing Izayoi proving that his death was set up to look like the attacker had murdered him.  Two more forbidden actions are revealed.

  • Izayoi could not eat
  • Ruruka could not allow anyone to leave the playing field

Ruruka murdered Izayoi because he had found the exit and wanted to leave. See how this makes Ruruka so horrible?  Izayoi was her childhood friend and dedicated to Ruruka; he would never betray her.  Had she only told him her forbidden action he would not have tried to leave the game.  Instead, she took it upon herself to murder him.

After finding out there is an exit to the game, Sakakura attempts to leave. Ruruka tries to stop him giving Kyoko and Mitarai an opportunity to leave the room. Sakakura’s attempt to leave is slightly suprising.  Did he give up on the game and Munakata?  Sakakura’s dedication to Munakata seems like it’s unwavering, but I think he is bound to him because of a mistake he made in the past; a mistake relating to Junko Enoshima.

We are down to the final characters.  Who do you think the attacker is? Also, be sure to watch what happens after the credits!



Danganronpa 3: Future Arc Episode 7

Ultra Despair Girls

(Just like always, spoilers ahead!)

Monaka has just climbed her way to the top of my favorite Danganronpa characters list.  At the beginning of the episode she dramatically preaches that she has become the second Junko Enoshima and is the only one who can drive the whole world into Despair once again.

Monaka is hiding out in a secret tower at the edge of the city with a blatant neon light that clearly gives her away!  Touko and Komaru are able to find the tower because of the Former Super Grade School-Level Ultimate’s, who to my surprise, did not die.

In case you missed Ultra Despair Girls the other Li’l Ultimate’s (aside from Monaka) are:
Nagisa Shingetsu – Former Super Grade School-Level Social Studies
Masaru Daimon – Former Super Grade School-Level P.E.
Kotoko Utsugi – Former Super Grade School-Level Drama
Jataro Kemuri – Former Super Grade School-Level Art

Monaka is in Despair because the world does not see how wonderful Despair is.  She is left with two choice: Run away from a world that has rejected her or destroy it.  When Komaru and Touko find her we see that she decides on the latter.  Monaka is a shut-in NEET who only wants to play games and live in outer space forever.  She confesses to Touko and Komaru that she is not behind what is happening at the Future Foundation, she doesn’t know who the attacker is, that she is merely an observer, and that because of Makoto Naegi someone who survived Junko’s game is going to die.  Even though Monaka knows who it will be she refuses to say who it is because she’s just too “lazy”.   She then goes off into space and vows to never leave her room again.

Why the sudden change?  Monaka says that she met a certain someone (Nagito) who talked to her about Hope and Despair and she decided she did not want to end up like him.  What did Nagito even tell her?!

One thing I do not understand is how Monaka does not know who the attacker is.  Since her Gekkogahara body is a robot, the drug that puts everyone to sleep during the time limit would not work on her.  Considering she was in the room when the Great Gozu was  murdered I can’t understand how she did not see the attacker.  Did she just step away from her post to play games? Most likely.  If you have any ideas, please post them in the comments!

In the meantime, Byakuya Togami is the acting director and plans to break into the Future Foundation headquarters.  He states that there is no broadcast about the Future Foundation leaders and the killing game and there is also no activity related to the Remnants of Despair.  What is the culprit after?

Komaru and Touko contact both Naegi and Byakuya to inform them about what Monaka has told them.

Who do you think is going to die because of the new killing game? Let me know in the comments!

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X Review

The next addition to the Hatsune Miku:Project Diva franchise released on August 30th 2016.  Miku and her friends take the stage once again in Project Diva X.

Wait, what? A Project Diva game with a story? Yes.  Rather than jumping right into the music game like it’s predecessors, you must help Miku and her friends light up the dim stages in their world so they sing once more. Project Diva X explains the premise of Vocaloids;  all they want to do is sing and bring light to the world, but they cannot sing on their own.  As the player, you must help them sing so their voices can be heard. They simply want to make the world a more vibrant place.  What’s not to love about these adorable digital singers?

Hatsune Miku_ Project DIVA X_20160826180851In order to give them more stages to sing on you must play through five different Clouds and fill each Cloud Prism with light.  You “travel” from Cloud to Cloud, and help Miku and her friends understand what it means to sing different types of songs. For example, how do you make a performance “cute”? As you “perform” songs on each Cloud, Miku and her friends get closer to the answer.

Game play
Game play is pretty standard compared to previous Project Diva games.  You hit notes in sync with the music or vocals, and the harder the song the faster and Hatsune Miku_ Project DIVA X_20160830160534more complex the notes appear on the screen.  If you have played F 2nd you will note that there are no more double star notes or star links (where the stars are linked with a line).  Instead, we are introduced to “Rush” notes, where you must push a single button as fast as you can until the note bursts.

You start the game off in “Normal” difficulty and must play five songs within each Cloud before continuing to the next.  There are five different Clouds to choose from: Classic, Cute, Cool, Quirky, and Elegant. You start off at the Classic Cloud and then you are free to choose the next one.  As you play each song within the Cloud you fill the Cloud Prism with “voltage”.  When you are near maximum Voltage a Medley Song appears featuring a mix of five different songs that fit the genre of the Cloud you are in.

What sets Diva X apart from all other games is the addition of unlockables.  Rather than earning Diva Points to buy Modules and Accessories for your Vocaloid, you must obtain all modules and unlockables by meeting a Hatsune Miku_ Project DIVA X_20160825201242certain criteria within the song.  In addition to having to unlock your modules and accessories, each Accessory or Module increases the Vocaloid’s Aura to enhance their performance so you can obtain more Voltage.

Despite the limited song list (only 30+ song) there are a lot of game play options available. You can free-play in the classic Project Diva style, complete event requests, create your own events, or take on the challenges each Cloud has. You are not limited to only one style of playing.

Each game Miku looks better and better! The graphics are crisp, clear, and the motion is pretty fluid.  Not the greatest, but I can’t even see how she dances while I’m playing anyway, so to me, it doesn’t matter. I did notice that the colors are very dim. I felt like most songs and stages had this muggy gray tone to it.  I do love the nice touch of how when you hit notes a subtle picture of the Cloud you are in pops up.

Pros: There’s a variety of ways to play this game.  You can venture from Cloud to Cloud, and even set up your own song list and play it. You’re also not limited to staying within the Clouds.  You can jump back into the classic game play style if you need to.  In addition, certain songs (within the Clouds) will have their own unique challenge. It’s similar to F 2nd where you get an unlockable based on the challenge of the song.

I enjoy how the modules actually do something for the song you are playing, versus it being just a mere gimmick. Having to unlock them through a variety of ways greatly increases the replay value of the game.

The Diva Room is also a little different.  I never really touched the Diva RHatsune Miku_ Project DIVA X_20160831132632oom in prior games (only for unlocking Trophies) and Diva X doesn’t force me to visit it.  Rather, between songs, the Vocaloid I most recently used will say something and then you  must interact with them. You’re not forced to creepily watch them as they dance in their room or read a book and wait for an event to happen.  No touching or petting either.

Cons: The play list is so short! When I jump on a Project Diva game I want a variety of songs to choose from and Diva X just feels so limited.  Of course, there will be DLC, but honestly, I don’t want to dish out another $60 for content the game should already have (Please note: I did spend $6 on the new songs already.  I know, I’m disgusting and I have an addiction!).  I wish that songs included in the Medley Mixes had full versions within the game.  I think with that extra touch, I would have been more satisfied with the play list. Speaking of song list, none of the other Volcaloids were really highlighted. Each Vocaloid only had one song each through the entire game.

Playing the game on Normal difficulty nearly drove me crazy! In order to proceed you have to clear each Cloud on either Easy or Normal.  You don’t get to try other difficulties until you have cleared each Cloud and completed the event.  It was painful (since I’m a more advanced player) and made it difficult for me to want to continue.  Now, I’m sure you’re thinking, “But you have to start on Normal for other games, too.” While that is true, after clearing the Normal difficulty you can try the song again on Hard, and then Extreme. You don’t really get to go back until you’ve completely cleared the Cloud.

This might be me nit-picking, but I don’t like how the module always Hatsune Miku_ Project DIVA X_20160831141436changes in the middle of a song.  I chose my module, let me stick with it!  This problem is easily solved by simply playing in Free-Play mode in the sub menu.  The modules also don’t feel like anything special.  Most of the ones I have unlocked so far are from previous games; they’ve been recycled over and aren’t “new” to me.

One thing I absolutely did not like while playing through the story was that you couldn’t fail any songs.  In the free-play mode, if you royally mess up, you fail the song. In the story mode, if I made a mistake I didn’t feel like I had to pay for it. I still cleared the song and still somehow  managed to get all my Voltage items.  Taking away the challenge of the game made me enjoy it slightly less.  It also hindered my learning.  I can clearly see where I mess up, but unless I’m kicked out of the song, I felt like I couldn’t really improve my own playing skills.  Removing the challenge can work positively to help open the game to new comers, but I want to unlock my item from the Overclocking challenge because of my skill, not because my module had +30% aura bonus.

I don’t think the game was worth the $50 price tag it came with since the playlist was so limited.  Especially since more content is going to be added through DLC. Personally, I would wait for it to go on sale or pick it up used.  However, the game has high replay value so you’ll find yourself playing around with it for a while, if only to unlock all items and modules (which, if you have the money, you can just buy), and to see what else the game has to offer.  I noticed that Extreme difficulty songs do have some tricks up their sleeves so they are worth checking out.  There are also fun features to play around with like the  Photo Studio and Concert Editor.


Have you picked up this title yet? What do you think of the game? Let me know in the comments.



Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience Will Launch This October

Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience has been announced to launch October 13, for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC in North America. The package will include the following.

  • Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
  • DLC
    • Missions for Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
      • Déjà Vu
      • Jamais Vu
    • Items for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
      • Weapon: Rasp Short-Barreled Shotgun Gold
      • Weapon: Maschinen Taktische Pistole 5 Weiss
      • Weapon: Adam-ska Special
      • Weapon: Windurger S333 Combat Special
      • Shield: Personal Ballistic Shield (Gold)
      • Shield: Personal Ballistic Shield (White)
      • Shield: Personal Ballistic Shield (Silver)
      • Shield: Personal Ballistic Shield (Olive Drab)
      • Costume: Fatigues (Black Ocelot)
      • Costume: Fatigues (Gray Urban)
      • Costume: Fatigues (Blue Urban)
      • Costume: Fatigues (All-Purpose Dryland)
      • Costume: Fatigues (Naked Snake)
      • Costume: Sneaking (Naked Snake)
      • Costume: Tuxedo
      • Costume: Sneaking suit (The Boss)
      • Costume: Jumpsuit (EVA)
      • Western Tack (for D-Horse)
      • Parade Tack (for D-Horse)
      • Cardboard Box (Rocky Terrain)
      • Cardboard Box (All-Purpose Dryland)
      • Cardboard Box (Wetland)
      • Bionic Arm Gold
      • Emblem “Venom Snake”
      • Mother Base Staff (Fox)
      • Mother Base Staff (Skull)
      • Mother Base Staff (Canine)
      • Mother Base Staff (Hound)
    • Items for Metal Gear Online
      • Expansion Pack: “Cloaked in Silence”
      • Basic Appeal Pack
      • Battle Appeal Pack
      • Dance Appeal Pack
      • Hero Appeal Pack
      • WU S.Pistol Gold
      • AM MRS-4 Gold
      • Metal Gear Rex Helmet

Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia announced

Square-Enix has announced a new game for the Dissidia series call Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia for smartphones.

The game will be in an RPG format rather that the 3D brawler style Dissidia is lnown for. The game will use a command-based battle system that will incorporate the brave system. Players will be able to set a dream party up and go on an epic adventure.

You can pre-register at the official website. Besure the check out the trailer below