Danganronpa 3: Future Arc Episode 8

Who Killed Cock Robin

Spoilers ahead! Fighto-Oh!

Several years prior, the battle rages on at Hope’s Peak Academy.  Kizukura, along with a fellow teacher, are up against the heavy artillery of Despair.  Kizukura makes it out alive, but his teacher comrade, a former P.E. teacher, is not so lucky. Kizukura is trying to make it into the school to save… Kyoko?

Back to the future, Byakuya arrives at the Future Foundation HQ and, along with Hagakure, attempts to enter the building by removing all of the rubble blocking the entrance.

Finally, Naegi realizes that Gekkogahara is a robot.  When she goes haywire, Naegi and Asahina espcape the room only to run into Munakata.  Fortunately, Robo-Gekkogahara is on their side.  The most interesting part about this encounter is how she does not immediately process Munakata as a Future Foundation member.  When she sees him she  says, “New Future Foundation member sighted.” showing that he isn’t immediately registered.  Was it because of the drugs? Was it because he’s not officially part of the Future Foundation? Robo-Gekkogahara finally registers who he is (without specifying whether or not he is a Future Foundation member) and identifies him as a Level S threat.  She goes into Berserk Mode and fights him, giving Naegi and Asahina a chance to escape.

At Izayoi’s crime scene, Kyoko continues to investigate Izayoi’s murder. Kizukura has gained my respect and has also been added to my favorite character list! He immediately catches on to Ruruka.  Remember how I noticed her tears seemed totally fake? They absolutely were.  Kizukura reveals that she has her own faction of young Future Foundation members and plans to leave and create her own organization.  I don’t think this makes her bad.  What makes her a rotten character is that she is the one responsible for Izayoi’s death.

Sakakura enters the scene and vows that he is going to kill anyone who will get in Munakata’s way.  Kizukura lures him into a trap and reveals Sakakura’s forbidden action.

  • Sakakura cannot hit anyone with his bare hands
  • Kizukura cannot open his left hand

When Sakakura is subdued, Kyoko plans to continue her investigation, however, Ruruka sets off a trap that FUNimation_20160831173912nearly kills Kyoko.  Kyoko is saved thanks to Kizukura, who sacrifices his life for her by catching her with his left hand.  Why did he go through the effort? Remember the photo Kyoko’s father had on his desk? Kizukura snapped the photo and most likely vowed that he would protect Kyoko if anything were to happen to Jin.  (This is speculation on my part and not explicitly said)

Kyoko reveals Ruruka’s method of killing Izayoi proving that his death was set up to look like the attacker had murdered him.  Two more forbidden actions are revealed.

  • Izayoi could not eat
  • Ruruka could not allow anyone to leave the playing field

Ruruka murdered Izayoi because he had found the exit and wanted to leave. See how this makes Ruruka so horrible?  Izayoi was her childhood friend and dedicated to Ruruka; he would never betray her.  Had she only told him her forbidden action he would not have tried to leave the game.  Instead, she took it upon herself to murder him.

After finding out there is an exit to the game, Sakakura attempts to leave. Ruruka tries to stop him giving Kyoko and Mitarai an opportunity to leave the room. Sakakura’s attempt to leave is slightly suprising.  Did he give up on the game and Munakata?  Sakakura’s dedication to Munakata seems like it’s unwavering, but I think he is bound to him because of a mistake he made in the past; a mistake relating to Junko Enoshima.

We are down to the final characters.  Who do you think the attacker is? Also, be sure to watch what happens after the credits!



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