Spooky Month: Dead Space Series

Dead Space is an old game now, not that old mind you it came out just last generation for Xbox 360 and PS3 almost 8 years ago.

One of my all time favorite franchises, Dead Space follows Isaac Clark as he accompanies some other unimportant people as they try to help the planetcracker  starship USG Ishimura. When they arrive they find the ship dark and empty, but as soon as they turn the lights on all hell breaks loose. The first and second game are the best of the 3 as they were not as action based as the 3rd one turned out to be. Dead Space had a lot to offer in terms of story, where did the zombie like Necromorphs come from? Why are they here? What does the marker have to do with it all? The cliff hanger ending of Dead Space 3 will leave you wanting more, I know it did for me.

One of the spookiest things I can remember from this game was not even in the game itself (that I can remember) it was this trailer that had a woman singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, to this day every time I hear this song it sends shivers down my spine check it out below. Play the trailer and the game in the dark with headphones if you dare!

Don’t be afraid to check out the extended series, there are several books, some comics, and 2 animated movies. I liked all of these things, some less but I still recommend them.

Spooky Factor: Hold on to your dookie, its going to get spooky!

Have you played the Dead Space games? Did you like them? Let me know in the comments!

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