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Danganronpa 3: Future Arc Episode 9

You are my reason to die

*Same as the rest, spoiler heaven ahead!*

Finally, it looks like the release of Danganronpa 3: Future Arc is back on track.  We were all teased with a recap episode, but thank goodness it wasn’t!

Speaking of Monokuma, he certainly doesn’t play a major role in this series, does he?  Where do you think he is this whole time? Is he just a ploy?

Things start our with some big reveals.  Remember how the building collapses at the end of Episode 8?  Our cast cannot die because… dun dun dun! They are in an identical space under the ocean.  Even though the building above them is destroyed, they all managed to survive because they were not in that part of the building at all. Who would have guessed?

Do you think this fact reveals Munakata as the traitor? Kyoko suspects that he is at least involved because he was involved in the construction of the building.  All events seemed to also play in his favor. Would you agree with her? I’m not so sure.

The awesome Robo-Gekkogahara meets her end.  Munakata takes her “brain” and reunites with Sakakura. Sakakura fills Munakata in on who has died, and in return Munakata tells Sakakura that he has murdered Tengan.  Sakakura says that means Munakata is in charge of the Future Foundation and they can purify the world now.

Sakakura’s dedication to Munakata is unwavering.  He says that he believes in Munakata’s ideals and that he felt it was always his job to support him.  When Sakakura is ready to confess something, Munakata murders him.  When Sakakura asks, “Why?” Munakata replies, “You know why.”  As Munakata walks away he curses Despair for making him murder him.

Do you have any theories on what Sakakura wanted to tell Munakata?  Do you think Sakakura’s confession would have swayed Munakata from his goal which is why he murdered him? Or, do you think it was because Munakata knew that Ruruka was listening and wanted to silence Sakakura so she wouldn’t hear? Let me know  what you think in the comments!

The fourth time limit is approaching. Naegi, Asahina, Mitarai, and Kyoko are holed up in the same room together.  They catch up on what has happened and Kyoko reminds Naegi to never lose hope.  As the limit approaches Kyoko tells Naegi, “No matter what happens don’t give up on hope.  I shall always be by your side.”

The attacker murders Ruruka.

Kyoko dies from her forbidden action, “Passing the fourth time limit with Makoto Naegi alive.”

This was the most heart breaking thing ever! Even though she knew she was going to die, she still put all of her faith in Naegi.  It’s even more so heart wrenching because Kizukura sacrificed his life only for her to die anyway. Even more than that, she’s been there since the very beginning.  What are they going to do without the Ultimate Detective?

Munakata get’s on the broadcast and asks Naegi about Kyoko’s forbidden action.  Whose Hope is right?

I also want everyone to not that Munakata only knows everyone’s forbidden actions because he stole the “heart” from Gekkogahara.  He does not have this information on his own.

What do you think is coming up next? Who will win: Munakata or Naegi?  Do you think we will see the Remnants of Despair make an appearance?


Danganronpa 3: Future Arc Episode 8

Who Killed Cock Robin

Spoilers ahead! Fighto-Oh!

Several years prior, the battle rages on at Hope’s Peak Academy.  Kizukura, along with a fellow teacher, are up against the heavy artillery of Despair.  Kizukura makes it out alive, but his teacher comrade, a former P.E. teacher, is not so lucky. Kizukura is trying to make it into the school to save… Kyoko?

Back to the future, Byakuya arrives at the Future Foundation HQ and, along with Hagakure, attempts to enter the building by removing all of the rubble blocking the entrance.

Finally, Naegi realizes that Gekkogahara is a robot.  When she goes haywire, Naegi and Asahina espcape the room only to run into Munakata.  Fortunately, Robo-Gekkogahara is on their side.  The most interesting part about this encounter is how she does not immediately process Munakata as a Future Foundation member.  When she sees him she  says, “New Future Foundation member sighted.” showing that he isn’t immediately registered.  Was it because of the drugs? Was it because he’s not officially part of the Future Foundation? Robo-Gekkogahara finally registers who he is (without specifying whether or not he is a Future Foundation member) and identifies him as a Level S threat.  She goes into Berserk Mode and fights him, giving Naegi and Asahina a chance to escape.

At Izayoi’s crime scene, Kyoko continues to investigate Izayoi’s murder. Kizukura has gained my respect and has also been added to my favorite character list! He immediately catches on to Ruruka.  Remember how I noticed her tears seemed totally fake? They absolutely were.  Kizukura reveals that she has her own faction of young Future Foundation members and plans to leave and create her own organization.  I don’t think this makes her bad.  What makes her a rotten character is that she is the one responsible for Izayoi’s death.

Sakakura enters the scene and vows that he is going to kill anyone who will get in Munakata’s way.  Kizukura lures him into a trap and reveals Sakakura’s forbidden action.

  • Sakakura cannot hit anyone with his bare hands
  • Kizukura cannot open his left hand

When Sakakura is subdued, Kyoko plans to continue her investigation, however, Ruruka sets off a trap that FUNimation_20160831173912nearly kills Kyoko.  Kyoko is saved thanks to Kizukura, who sacrifices his life for her by catching her with his left hand.  Why did he go through the effort? Remember the photo Kyoko’s father had on his desk? Kizukura snapped the photo and most likely vowed that he would protect Kyoko if anything were to happen to Jin.  (This is speculation on my part and not explicitly said)

Kyoko reveals Ruruka’s method of killing Izayoi proving that his death was set up to look like the attacker had murdered him.  Two more forbidden actions are revealed.

  • Izayoi could not eat
  • Ruruka could not allow anyone to leave the playing field

Ruruka murdered Izayoi because he had found the exit and wanted to leave. See how this makes Ruruka so horrible?  Izayoi was her childhood friend and dedicated to Ruruka; he would never betray her.  Had she only told him her forbidden action he would not have tried to leave the game.  Instead, she took it upon herself to murder him.

After finding out there is an exit to the game, Sakakura attempts to leave. Ruruka tries to stop him giving Kyoko and Mitarai an opportunity to leave the room. Sakakura’s attempt to leave is slightly suprising.  Did he give up on the game and Munakata?  Sakakura’s dedication to Munakata seems like it’s unwavering, but I think he is bound to him because of a mistake he made in the past; a mistake relating to Junko Enoshima.

We are down to the final characters.  Who do you think the attacker is? Also, be sure to watch what happens after the credits!



Danganronpa 3: Future Arc Episode 7

Ultra Despair Girls

(Just like always, spoilers ahead!)

Monaka has just climbed her way to the top of my favorite Danganronpa characters list.  At the beginning of the episode she dramatically preaches that she has become the second Junko Enoshima and is the only one who can drive the whole world into Despair once again.

Monaka is hiding out in a secret tower at the edge of the city with a blatant neon light that clearly gives her away!  Touko and Komaru are able to find the tower because of the Former Super Grade School-Level Ultimate’s, who to my surprise, did not die.

In case you missed Ultra Despair Girls the other Li’l Ultimate’s (aside from Monaka) are:
Nagisa Shingetsu – Former Super Grade School-Level Social Studies
Masaru Daimon – Former Super Grade School-Level P.E.
Kotoko Utsugi – Former Super Grade School-Level Drama
Jataro Kemuri – Former Super Grade School-Level Art

Monaka is in Despair because the world does not see how wonderful Despair is.  She is left with two choice: Run away from a world that has rejected her or destroy it.  When Komaru and Touko find her we see that she decides on the latter.  Monaka is a shut-in NEET who only wants to play games and live in outer space forever.  She confesses to Touko and Komaru that she is not behind what is happening at the Future Foundation, she doesn’t know who the attacker is, that she is merely an observer, and that because of Makoto Naegi someone who survived Junko’s game is going to die.  Even though Monaka knows who it will be she refuses to say who it is because she’s just too “lazy”.   She then goes off into space and vows to never leave her room again.

Why the sudden change?  Monaka says that she met a certain someone (Nagito) who talked to her about Hope and Despair and she decided she did not want to end up like him.  What did Nagito even tell her?!

One thing I do not understand is how Monaka does not know who the attacker is.  Since her Gekkogahara body is a robot, the drug that puts everyone to sleep during the time limit would not work on her.  Considering she was in the room when the Great Gozu was  murdered I can’t understand how she did not see the attacker.  Did she just step away from her post to play games? Most likely.  If you have any ideas, please post them in the comments!

In the meantime, Byakuya Togami is the acting director and plans to break into the Future Foundation headquarters.  He states that there is no broadcast about the Future Foundation leaders and the killing game and there is also no activity related to the Remnants of Despair.  What is the culprit after?

Komaru and Touko contact both Naegi and Byakuya to inform them about what Monaka has told them.

Who do you think is going to die because of the new killing game? Let me know in the comments!

Danganronpa 3: Future Arc Episode 6

No Man is an Island

Many apologies for being so delayed with my blogs! Thank you for reading, and please remember there are spoilers ahead~

Coming back from the terrible loss of Seiko, we discover that Izayoi is also dead.  That makes 3 deaths in the span of one whole episode!

Jumping a little into the past, we see the relationship between Chisa, Sakakura, and Munakata.  Opening the overseas Hope’s Peak Academy is not a “dream” but rather a “plan” to take the power of Hope’s Peak Academy and shape it into…? It’s hard to tell because the time Munakata is building the overseas branch, Junko hasn’t even set foot in the school.  I’m still in the dark about what’s so bad to begin with.  The Kamakura Project? So many dang questions!

We are at the 3rd time limit, and the third murder has been committed by the traitor.  The sequencing is a little strange.  First, Izayoi’s body is found (when we knew that it was actually Seiko who died).  Did you guys look close enough? The knife in the center of his chest looked very similar to a Monokuma.  If it wasn’t the bear head I saw, the black and white contrast is pretty close to being Monokuma-esque.  Next, Seiko is discovered.  I think she is the true victim from the time limit.  At this point Ruruka is distressed, but her reaction is so… odd? Did anyone else think so? I mean, her childhood friends are both dead and her tears are only so-so.  She doesn’t want to be alone, and now she’s willing to trust whoever?

Lastly, Naegi and Asahina learn of Tengan’s death.  Maybe it’s the fact that Gekkogahara was already revealed as the traitor, but she’s totally giving herself away to Naegi!  When did he become so dense?  When they see Tengan dead, Gekkogahara explains that Munakata killed him (how would she know that?) She cleverly builds their trust by showing Tengan’s last message. “I entrust the hope of the world to you.” Unfortunately, Tengan never said “who” but Naegi takes it upon himself to be that hope. Is that really who Tengan was talking about? Tell me your thoughts.

Gekkogahara and her hacking prowess (aka already having the system under her control) helps Naegi make a phone call to Byakuya.  Did anyone else squee? I’m happy to see the old cast return!  Naegi manages to explain the situation.  We learn from Byakuya that the “killing game” is actually not being broadcast on national television and that a Peace Keeping Squad from the Future Foundation is on their way to Jabberwock Island.  Byakuya suspects that it’s Munakata’s doing because he is out to kill the remnants of despair at any cost. Moving forward, Byakuya knows that Gekkogahara is the traitor, however, he can’t reveal this fact to Naegi.

I can’t wait for the next episode! We are left with a hint that Monaca is in Towa City and it’s up to Touko and Komaru to find her!  I love how it’s connecting everything together!

By the way, I’m just going to throw this out there: Do you think Munakata might be the actual traitor?  I want everyone to consider a couple things:
-The shackle on his arm.  What does that mean? What do you think it is?
-He stabbed Chisa in the chest and bids her a farewell.  This is a trademark of the “killer” from the new game.  It’s something that has come up with each victim. Maybe it’s not a coincidence?
-Munakata is the one who is sending Future Foundation to Jabberwock Island.  He is dead set in his ideals and I think he will stop at nothing to achieve them.  It hasn’t stopped bothering me that Tengan brought up Munakata “sacrificing” Chisa; as if he has known that Munakata has some role in what is happening.

Let me know your thoughts and crazy Danganronpa 3: Future Arc theories in the comments!



Danganronpa 3: Future Arc Episode 5

Dreams of Distant Days
(You know the drill, there’s spoilers.)

You can take a guess, but the episode gives away who will die from the beginning.  Why go into a back story? Because you want us to feel something when they’re gone, that’s why!

Either way, we see the relationship between Ruruka and Seiko going all the way back to childhood.  I want to sympathize with Ruruka, but I can’t.  Seiko says she cannot eat sugar because it will have a bad side effect with her medicine; it could kill her.  Ruruka fails to acknowledge that and takes personal offense. Ruruka feels like she can’t share herself with Seiko because she won’t eat her sweets.  I question whether they were really friends to begin with.  Poor Seiko, she helped Ruruka without a second thought and ended up being used in the end.  She’s the poor sickly girl who just wanted a friend! Of course, that’s me picking sides.

Two new forbidden moves have been revealed. However, it didn’t matter much.

Seiko-Allowing someone to step on your shadow.
Kazuo Tengan – Cannot answer a question with a lie.

Tengan’s forbidden action would have been extremely helpful because of the situation the Future Foundation is in! Unfortunately, Danganronpa is nothing but all sorts of messed up things, one after the other.  If there’s no Despair, there’s no Danganronpa! Here’s what we learn from Tengan:

He believes that war alone will not end Despair and he believes in the Kamakura Project to cultivate hope; he will not let it go to waste.  Perhaps another cameo from Hajime will come up? Tengan is also not a remnant of despair and knows the attackers identity.  This little tid-bit could not be revealed to us.  But, if you can understand lip flap, let me know if the comments what his answer was! Until the reveal, only Munakata will know.

While Izayoi stepped out to help find a weapon that will take down Seiko, he finds a door that reads, “Congratulations! You found the secret entrance!” I like how they keep the playful side of Monokuma around.  Also, has anyone noticed how absent he is from Danganronpa 3? I still wonder if there is another traitor and if Gekkogahara is connected with them or not.

Kirigiri is still investigating.  I wonder what she will say about the killers methods.  At the end, the third body is displayed nearly the same way as the first two.

If you watch the episode, be sure to watch past the ending theme.  What do you think is going to happen next? Let me know in the comments.