Danganronpa 3: Future Arc Episode 5

Dreams of Distant Days
(You know the drill, there’s spoilers.)

You can take a guess, but the episode gives away who will die from the beginning.  Why go into a back story? Because you want us to feel something when they’re gone, that’s why!

Either way, we see the relationship between Ruruka and Seiko going all the way back to childhood.  I want to sympathize with Ruruka, but I can’t.  Seiko says she cannot eat sugar because it will have a bad side effect with her medicine; it could kill her.  Ruruka fails to acknowledge that and takes personal offense. Ruruka feels like she can’t share herself with Seiko because she won’t eat her sweets.  I question whether they were really friends to begin with.  Poor Seiko, she helped Ruruka without a second thought and ended up being used in the end.  She’s the poor sickly girl who just wanted a friend! Of course, that’s me picking sides.

Two new forbidden moves have been revealed. However, it didn’t matter much.

Seiko-Allowing someone to step on your shadow.
Kazuo Tengan – Cannot answer a question with a lie.

Tengan’s forbidden action would have been extremely helpful because of the situation the Future Foundation is in! Unfortunately, Danganronpa is nothing but all sorts of messed up things, one after the other.  If there’s no Despair, there’s no Danganronpa! Here’s what we learn from Tengan:

He believes that war alone will not end Despair and he believes in the Kamakura Project to cultivate hope; he will not let it go to waste.  Perhaps another cameo from Hajime will come up? Tengan is also not a remnant of despair and knows the attackers identity.  This little tid-bit could not be revealed to us.  But, if you can understand lip flap, let me know if the comments what his answer was! Until the reveal, only Munakata will know.

While Izayoi stepped out to help find a weapon that will take down Seiko, he finds a door that reads, “Congratulations! You found the secret entrance!” I like how they keep the playful side of Monokuma around.  Also, has anyone noticed how absent he is from Danganronpa 3? I still wonder if there is another traitor and if Gekkogahara is connected with them or not.

Kirigiri is still investigating.  I wonder what she will say about the killers methods.  At the end, the third body is displayed nearly the same way as the first two.

If you watch the episode, be sure to watch past the ending theme.  What do you think is going to happen next? Let me know in the comments.



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