Danganronpa 3: Future Arc Episode 6

No Man is an Island

Many apologies for being so delayed with my blogs! Thank you for reading, and please remember there are spoilers ahead~

Coming back from the terrible loss of Seiko, we discover that Izayoi is also dead.  That makes 3 deaths in the span of one whole episode!

Jumping a little into the past, we see the relationship between Chisa, Sakakura, and Munakata.  Opening the overseas Hope’s Peak Academy is not a “dream” but rather a “plan” to take the power of Hope’s Peak Academy and shape it into…? It’s hard to tell because the time Munakata is building the overseas branch, Junko hasn’t even set foot in the school.  I’m still in the dark about what’s so bad to begin with.  The Kamakura Project? So many dang questions!

We are at the 3rd time limit, and the third murder has been committed by the traitor.  The sequencing is a little strange.  First, Izayoi’s body is found (when we knew that it was actually Seiko who died).  Did you guys look close enough? The knife in the center of his chest looked very similar to a Monokuma.  If it wasn’t the bear head I saw, the black and white contrast is pretty close to being Monokuma-esque.  Next, Seiko is discovered.  I think she is the true victim from the time limit.  At this point Ruruka is distressed, but her reaction is so… odd? Did anyone else think so? I mean, her childhood friends are both dead and her tears are only so-so.  She doesn’t want to be alone, and now she’s willing to trust whoever?

Lastly, Naegi and Asahina learn of Tengan’s death.  Maybe it’s the fact that Gekkogahara was already revealed as the traitor, but she’s totally giving herself away to Naegi!  When did he become so dense?  When they see Tengan dead, Gekkogahara explains that Munakata killed him (how would she know that?) She cleverly builds their trust by showing Tengan’s last message. “I entrust the hope of the world to you.” Unfortunately, Tengan never said “who” but Naegi takes it upon himself to be that hope. Is that really who Tengan was talking about? Tell me your thoughts.

Gekkogahara and her hacking prowess (aka already having the system under her control) helps Naegi make a phone call to Byakuya.  Did anyone else squee? I’m happy to see the old cast return!  Naegi manages to explain the situation.  We learn from Byakuya that the “killing game” is actually not being broadcast on national television and that a Peace Keeping Squad from the Future Foundation is on their way to Jabberwock Island.  Byakuya suspects that it’s Munakata’s doing because he is out to kill the remnants of despair at any cost. Moving forward, Byakuya knows that Gekkogahara is the traitor, however, he can’t reveal this fact to Naegi.

I can’t wait for the next episode! We are left with a hint that Monaca is in Towa City and it’s up to Touko and Komaru to find her!  I love how it’s connecting everything together!

By the way, I’m just going to throw this out there: Do you think Munakata might be the actual traitor?  I want everyone to consider a couple things:
-The shackle on his arm.  What does that mean? What do you think it is?
-He stabbed Chisa in the chest and bids her a farewell.  This is a trademark of the “killer” from the new game.  It’s something that has come up with each victim. Maybe it’s not a coincidence?
-Munakata is the one who is sending Future Foundation to Jabberwock Island.  He is dead set in his ideals and I think he will stop at nothing to achieve them.  It hasn’t stopped bothering me that Tengan brought up Munakata “sacrificing” Chisa; as if he has known that Munakata has some role in what is happening.

Let me know your thoughts and crazy Danganronpa 3: Future Arc theories in the comments!



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