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New info, and screenshots on Metal Gear Survive has arrived

Konami has released some new info and screenshots of the upcoming Metal Gear Survive during Gamescom 2017.

Metal Gear Survive is due out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in early 2018.

You can check out the screenshots and fact sheet below.


Konami Digital Entertainment breaks new ground with an original spin-off from Metal Gear Solid V titled Metal Gear Survive. This title introduces a fresh spirit of exploration, unique mechanics and strategic co-op gameplay.

Metal Gear Survive is a survival action game in an alternative universe. In a struggle to survive, and understand this new environment, players engage in both a Single Play and connected co-op Play. In the battle for survival scavenged materials must be wrought into usable items, gear and weapons if you are to have any hope of making it home.

Key Features

  • Two ways to play – Single Play and CO-OP Play. These modes are linked via Base Camp. Character progress and gear carries between the two modes.
  • Build and develop your Base Camp. This offers access to weapon and gear crafting. As well as offering you a command centre for planning missions in Single Play and CO-OP Play.
  • Gather resources for use in crafting including blue prints and raw materials. These can be gathered in Single play by exploring the environment or won in successful CO-OP missions
  • Develop Base camp with new facilities to aid survival – including crop growing, animal rearing, food and water storage. As your camp develops you’ll gain access to high grade crafting items.
  • Manage resources, including human essentials such as food and water as well as raw materials used for weapons, defences and expendables.

Konami is back with Super Bomberman R for the Switch

Konami has announced Super Bomberman R for the Switch. The game will have a physical and digital release March 3rd, alongside the Switch release.

You can check out the overview and trailer below.



The Bomberman series has been delighting fans with its stunning multiplayer action since 1983. The premise of the game is simple: guide your chosen Bomberman around a maze-like play area using timed bombs to open walkways and take out players or CPU-controlled adversaries. Super Bomberman R retains these core elements but places them with updated visuals that offer greater detail while still remaining faithful to the series’ origins.

Super Bomberman R makes full use of the Nintendo Switch system capabilities, which enables gamers to play wherever, whenever and with whomever they choose. Super Bomberman R offers a ‘Battle’ mode where up to eight players are dropped within a maze until the ‘last man standing’ is declared the winner. There is also a ‘Story’ mode where one to two players work cooperatively to clear a series of 50 stages in order to save the galaxy.

All key Bomberman elements return for the Nintendo Switch title, including useful items found within the destructible areas of each maze. Removing a wall will often reveal a power-up to extend the range of the explosion or endow the user’s Bomberman with a useful skill. These include faster movement, the ability to kick or throw bombs, and more. Thus, as players gain ever more devastating capabilities, they must use all their skill and ingenuity to ensure their opponents get caught in a blast while avoiding its fiery touch!

Key Features

  • 3D stages with dynamic environments
  • Bomberman’s siblings and well-known enemies are back with rich personality
  • Battle mode for maximum of 8 players, local connection battles, and online battles
  • Enriched story with all-star voice actors

Metal Gear Survive set to premiere September 17 at TGS 2016

With Tokyo Game Show 2016 a few days away, many games will be premiering that have yet to be seen and a few games that have been announced at E3. One of these games is Konami’s very own Metal Gear Survive.

The game will premiere at the Konami booth at TGS16 on September 17. Konami will also host a Metal Gear Survive event premiere on their very own youtube live stream September 17, 16:15.

Be sure to watch the the below just in case you missed it from Gamescom 2016.

Metal Gear Survive will be released for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2017.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience Will Launch This October

Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience has been announced to launch October 13, for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC in North America. The package will include the following.

  • Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
  • DLC
    • Missions for Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
      • Déjà Vu
      • Jamais Vu
    • Items for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
      • Weapon: Rasp Short-Barreled Shotgun Gold
      • Weapon: Maschinen Taktische Pistole 5 Weiss
      • Weapon: Adam-ska Special
      • Weapon: Windurger S333 Combat Special
      • Shield: Personal Ballistic Shield (Gold)
      • Shield: Personal Ballistic Shield (White)
      • Shield: Personal Ballistic Shield (Silver)
      • Shield: Personal Ballistic Shield (Olive Drab)
      • Costume: Fatigues (Black Ocelot)
      • Costume: Fatigues (Gray Urban)
      • Costume: Fatigues (Blue Urban)
      • Costume: Fatigues (All-Purpose Dryland)
      • Costume: Fatigues (Naked Snake)
      • Costume: Sneaking (Naked Snake)
      • Costume: Tuxedo
      • Costume: Sneaking suit (The Boss)
      • Costume: Jumpsuit (EVA)
      • Western Tack (for D-Horse)
      • Parade Tack (for D-Horse)
      • Cardboard Box (Rocky Terrain)
      • Cardboard Box (All-Purpose Dryland)
      • Cardboard Box (Wetland)
      • Bionic Arm Gold
      • Emblem “Venom Snake”
      • Mother Base Staff (Fox)
      • Mother Base Staff (Skull)
      • Mother Base Staff (Canine)
      • Mother Base Staff (Hound)
    • Items for Metal Gear Online
      • Expansion Pack: “Cloaked in Silence”
      • Basic Appeal Pack
      • Battle Appeal Pack
      • Dance Appeal Pack
      • Hero Appeal Pack
      • WU S.Pistol Gold
      • AM MRS-4 Gold
      • Metal Gear Rex Helmet

Konami Announces New Metal Gear Title

Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. today announced a new addition to the METAL GEAR SOLID V experience, METAL GEAR SURVIVE.

Available on PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft and PC via Steam in 2017,METAL GEAR SURVIVE is a brand new co-op, stealth game that takes a divergent look at familiar METAL GEAR themes and pursues a fresh spirit of exploration in unique gameplay mechanics.