Overcooked review

Overcooked was released just recently and, let me tell you, this game is so much fun! Hear me out.

Overcooked’s game play is basically is working in a kitchen: grab the ingredients, prep them, cook them, deliver the finished food to the customer, wash dishes rinse and repeat. The game can get so hectic when the various stages have some sort of gimmick to make it harder for you to cook. For example, one stage is two cars that drive away from each other periodically making it hard to get ingredients or cook your food. In another stage, rats keep trying to steal your prepped food so you have to smack them away -those damn rats!

The graphics of Overcooked are nothing fancy and that’s ok; its not a game that lives and dies on them. The real beauty of Overcooked is the game play.

The controls are both simple and hard both at once. My biggest complaint of the game is on PC  you can’t really play with a keyboard and succeed (maybe you can, but I can’t). You definitely need a game pad, either a PS3/4 or Xbox controller. With controllers you only really use three buttons; chop/wash, pick up and put down, and dash. The craziness comes in when you realize that if you play as a single player you still have to control two characters, and they can both be controlled with the single controller. Doing two different actions using the same controller gets very hectic, trust me.

The real fun of Overcooked is the multiplayer. If you get three or four friends you can play through the entire campaign in your quest to become a great chef and stop the Apocalypse. You can also play against each other in a versus mode. Pick your teammate wisely. Overall, Overcooked truly shines brightest when played with friends.

Overcooked is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC for $16.99. NCG highly recommends this game!

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