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SG/ZH School Girl/Zombie Hunter is coming to North america late 2017

During Anime Expo 2017, Aksys announced that SG/ZH School Girl Zombie Hunter is coming to North America on Playstion 4.

The zombie-themed third-person shooter, which is set in the same universe as the Onechanbara series and follows a group of girls trapped in a high school, first launched in Japan on January 12.

You can check out the overview below:

A High School Girls Survival Story Set in the World of Onechanbara


Set in the prestigious Musaku High School, which is accomplished in both the literary and military arts, SG/ZH School Girl/Zombie Hunter is a survival story on a campus isolated from the outside world and surrounded by zombies after a sudden, massive outbreak. It shares the same world as the Onechanbara series, but is a panic shooting action game starring five high school girl survivors.

Evade, repel, survive, and escape from the hordes of zombies that enter the school. There are episodes that serves as the backbones for each character. Overcome the zombie crisis while facing conflicts and cooperatively combining forces.

■ Five Beautiful Survviors

Sayuri Akiha (voiced by Asuka Ogami)

  • Age: 17
  • Club: Kendo Club
  • Specialty Weapons: Handgun / Wooden Sword


A girl who comes from an honorable samurai family. She likes both hero things and robot anime—a result of the samurai code of chivalry driven into her since she was young. She has a cheerful personality and hates dishonest behavior. She sometimes collides with those around her due to her clumsy way of life, but is strangely able to become friends. She is the type to keep a promise by all means once it’s made. She worries for Risa, who had an unfortunate experience during her childhood, and treats her like a younger sister. She has a strong desire to protect others, and tends to act without thinking and get caught up in her surroundings. Despite being at the mercy of Sayuri’s behavior, the other four survivors find the strength to continue fighting the zombies. Akiha’s grandfather is the famous martial arts master, Gengoroumaru Akiha.

Risa Kubota (voiced by Saori Onishi)

  • Age: 16
  • Club: Long Sword Club
  • Specialty Weapons: Assault Rifle / Long Sword


Having lost her parents and older brother at a young age, she has been living while always fighting against loneliness and the fear of death. She was taken in by Sayuri’s family, who was close friends with her father, and from a young age taught to wield the long sword as part of her spiritual training. She is cowardice in battle and survives by relying on Akiha. She has the ability to fight, but is still afraid. Because she requires others’ support, she has a dependent constitution in that she is unable to decide things on her own. However, she is strong when it’s the final moment and there are no other options.

Mayaya Himeji (voiced by Chinami Hashimoto)

  • Age: 16
  • Club: Softball Club
  • Specialty Weapons: Sub Machine Gun / Bat


A close friend of Enami Kamijo. Outside of cute things, she likes mysterious things like fortune-telling and the occult. She is the type to often fade out her surroundings and focus only on the thing that interests her—petting a paralyzed puppy in the middle of the road, for example, leaving herself likely to be hit by a car. Mayaya is Enami’s childhood friend who causes trouble for her and cannot be ignored. The two will often take action together, and Mayaya also acts as the lubricating oil that plays mediator for the lonely Enami and her schoolmates.

Enami Kamijo (voiced by Sayaka Senbongi)

  • Age: 18
  • Club: Soccer Club
  • Specialty Weapons: Sub Sniper Rifle / Kicking Techniques


Similar to her boyish appearance, she speaks and conducts herself like a man. She is the oldest of the five survivors. As the clear-headed athletic, she is an asset to those around her, but she keeps up a secret effort, continuing to fight on despite the difficult circumstances. If someone is inferior to her, she thinks that they’re not making a great enough effort, and she is often misunderstood as a cold genius because when someone comes to her for advice she pushes them away by saying things like, “just do your best.” She and Mayaya are childhood friends since their parents know each other.

Rei Kanazaki (voiced by Kaori Ishihara)

  • Age: 17
  • Club: Karate Club
  • Specialty Weapons: Sub Sniper Shotgun / Karate Techniques


An idol since middle school, but she he has suspended her idol activities to concentrate on schoolwork. Her entertainment office sells her as an innocent, princess idol, but in reality she is an abnormal girl who loves disputes and bloody topics. A young actress tried to force Rei, who is known for her role as the lunatic heroine in a B-grade horror movie, to retire. When she suddenly went missing, it seemed like Rei’s true character would be revealed through entertainment world gossip, so she suspended her idol activities to let things cool off. Her mother is also a former actress. She dreams of becoming an actress to surpass her mother.

■ Ren
An unidentified man with some sort of connection within the ZPF. What is the true purpose of his springing forth zombies into Kirisaku High School one after the other? Perhaps there is some sort of mystery hidden in the land of this school? He creates and controls new zombies as if repeating an experiment.

■ ZPF Officer Anna (voiced by Kazusa Amagai)


The guns specialist that appeared in the Onechanbara series, which shares the same world with this title. She belongs to a zombie punitive force called the “ZPF” and is acquainted with the five survivors of Kirisaku High School after answering their distress call. In trying to save them, she’ll deliver the girls weapons and relief supplies using drones. In SG/ZH School Girl/Zombie Hunter, Anna only appears as your means of communication with the ZPF.

■ Clear the Mission


SG/ZH School Girl/Zombie Hunter uses a mission- based system to progress through the game. There are 50 missions in total. Various types of firearms will appear, including handguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, sub machine guns, and rocket launchers. Controlling the five girls, players will take on a variety of missions and fight to survive. Zombie hunting battles will unfold all over the isolated school, including in the schoolyard and the gymnasium.

■ Clothes Ripping System

The more and more you’re attacked, the more your clothes will rip. The areas that take more damage will have less clothing. One of the traits of this game’s zombies is that it appears as though they’re targeting your clothes… But if you’re stripped completely, you can still continue to fight. Why care about something like being fully clothed when you’re trying to survive?


Gossip also emerges among the girls. The zombies seem to be targeting their clothes, so what if they take off their clothes and use them as a decoy? Will this new tactic help them survive? Find out in the next SG/ZH School Girl/Zombie Hunter report.

Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator is Coming to Steam

Arc System Works has announced that they will be releasing a Steam port of Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator on December 14. This is great news for PC players. The only downside is that the port will sadly not support cross-play with the PS3/PS4 versions

GGXR was originally released on Playstation 3, and Playstation 4 back in June 2016. Be sure to check out our review of the PS3/PS4 Version at this link and the overview of the game below.


Revolutionary 3D cell-animation graphics further refined, and more game contents added! The next-generation fighting game Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator is now out on Steam!

Carrying on the legacy from 1998, comes the next addition to the Guilty Gear series! All visuals have been tweaked to the finest detail and hand-polished by the animation masters to produce the top quality hand-drawn anime effect! Game contents revamped to provide for gamers of all skill levels, you cannot miss out on this one!

Totally Unique Cast of 23 Characters!

In Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator we have 6 new characters from the previous of the series, namely “Johnny”, “Jack-O’”, “Kuradoberi Jam”, “Kum Haehyun”, “Raven” and “Dizzy”, coming to a total number of 23 playable characters!

*”Kum Haehyun”, “Raven” and “Dizzy” can be unlocked by purchasing their respective DLCs. “Raven” can also be unlocked using in-game currency.

Extensive Game Modes

Beginners can feel at ease with our step-by-step training program, from Tutorial Mode being re-modified into an action game to learn the ropes, to the introduction of “Stylish Mode” that allows easy inputs for Special Attacks, and many more! You can also visit the in-game FAQ to find out answers to popular questions on how to get strong!

For players who already somewhat know their bearings in Fighting Games, we have the “Combo” mode to teach all characters’ worth of their combo potentials, and the “Mission” mode to teach about the characters’ general tactics and techniques. There’s also the staple “Training” mode, equipped with tons of features that allow you to recreate the situation of your choice, so as to allow you to train and research!

The well-received “Story” mode is now back with more punch! Fully cinematic with the 3D graphics engine, explore the lore and find out… the “revelations” of Guilty Gear. There’s also a short introduction to the past series at the start of the story mode, so players new to the series need not fret!

Online Mode

Place your personal ranking score on the stake and battle with other players in “Rank Match”, or simply enjoy the new “Player Match” mode without any frets!

In “Player Match” mode, you can walk around with your own customizable avatars and communicate with other players in the 3D room environment.

You can also place an entry in the “Rank Match” and proceed to play other offline game modes such as “Training” mode, while waiting for your entry to be paired up.

The replays stored from your matches do not only show the match as-is, but you can also view both you and your opponent’s key inputs, and you can change the camera angle to view the battle from a different perspective!
*Lobby function is not supported. Please access the Rank Match and Player Match functions directly via the Network Mode.

*Cross-platform to PS3/4 is not supported.

Don’t know where to put in your effort? We’ll show you the way! Be a formidable player in no time with our content-packed support features, in Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator!

Check out the New Characters from Blazblue Centralfiction

Blazblue Centralfiction is releasing next week, and with all your favorite characters returning plus some new faces joining in. Four of the newcomers will be; Naoto Kurogane, Hibiki Kohaku, Nine the Phantom, and Hades: Izanami.

You can check out the details below to learn more about these four new characters.


Naoto Kurogane
The protagonist of the novel, ‘The Bloodedge Experience’, Naoto mysteriously wields the Bloodedge, the same power that Ragna has. Naoto has been sent to the BLAZBLUE timeline by Raquel Alucard – a world in which he died long ago. Confused and lost, he tries to find a way home.
With a balanced playstyle, a sneaky ranged game and good, solid damage, Naoto is a great pick for the player who wants a character who has the tools to deal with any situation.


Hibiki Kohaku
Hailing from a clan of assassins dedicated to serving the Mutsuki family, Hibiki is Kagura Mutsuki’s loyal assistant and the only reason any NOL admin work gets done in the city of Ibukido. Under his calm and cool exterior, a seething murderous intent drives him.

Hibiki is fast and slippery, with the ability to project his shadow as a projectile or as a teleport at will, he can pressure from many distances and change position on screen instantly. His ability to pressure the opponent with highs, lows and side switches will suit the player who likes to rush down his opponent.


Nine the Phantom
One of the Six Heroes who stopped the Black Beast from consuming the world long ago, the wife of Jubei and the mother of Kokonie, Nine was presumed dead for a long time before being revealed as the Phantom who served Hades Izanami. Driven mad by her experiences as the Phantom, Nine has her own plans for the world.

Nine has quick attacks, incredible range, a dash that teleports her around and even a full screen overhead projectile attack. Nowhere on the screen is safe from her attacks. Nine is a fantastic pick for the players who enjoy driving their opponents crazy with oppressive space control.


Hades: Izanami
Inhabiting the body of Saya, the sister of Ragna and Jin, Izanami is the former Imperator of the Novus Orbis Librarium and the one who had been pulling the strings of events up until this point. Izanami is an immortal being intent on granting ‘the gift of death to the world’. Discarding her co-conspirators, Terumi and Relius, as well as her title of Imperator, Izanami prepares her end game.

Izanami is a mix of pressure and zoning, with the ability to change her ‘mode’ between follow-up attack options and multiple projectiles. She’s hard to catch, with her ability to float and move around the screen in irregular ways. Izanami is an excellent pick for players who enjoy having lots of options and frustrating the opponent with unpredictable play.

Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastrophe Japanese PS4 Trailer and Details

Developer FK Digital announced, Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastrophe, the fighting game sequel to PlayStation 3’s Chaos Code, will launch digitally for PlayStation 4 in Japan and Asia in November.

Here is a quick overview:

  • Two new challengers
    • Lupinus (voiced by Yukino Azuma) – A steel-armed agent who splendidly dances about the earth and sky.
    • Ray (voiced by Daisuke Yokota) – A heavy attack hitman who makes use of special links.
  • New game modes added – In addition to the Arcade Mode, Practice Mode, and Versus Mode from the original game, New Sign of Catastrophe adds a new Survival Mode, Score Attack Mode, and Mission Mode featuring more than 50 unique challenges.
  • Unique Battle Style Settings – In addition to the “Run” and “Step” movement styles featured previously, in the home version you can set the performance of the characters in “Chaos” and “Boss.”
  • Character Customization Evolved – Chaos Code‘s greatest feature is that you can freely set your character style. If you set an original color in the newly added “Custom Color” setting, you can further make a character all your own.
  • Network Support – With network support, you can battle against players all over the country.

System Explanation

Intro Trailer

Get ahead on Combos with Blazblue: Central Fiction PS4 Pre-order Bonus

Arc System Works has announced that Blazblue Central Fiction will include a downloadable demo, Es (The newly added character) and addition character colors for anyone who preorders the game.

The demo will have Arcade Mode, Vs Mode, and training mode, alongside the Network Lobby Mode.

This is currently only for Japan at the moment but we will be sure to keep you updated.

Blazblue Central Fiction is coming out in Japan October 6, and this holiday season for North America.

Be sure to catch the new trailer below.