Originally launched on the PlayStation®Vita system, MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies is now sending PC players back to school with all the intense multiplayer tagteam brawls in smooth 1080p graphics.
New and returning students have the option to get this back-to-school Deluxe Pack!
Deluxe Pack (game not included) – $9.99
  • Digital artbook – 23 pages of sketches and character biographies!
  • Windows PC theme – Blanc’s hammer is your cursor and Vert is your recycle bin icon (she even transforms into Green Heart when the bin is full)! Compatible with Windows 7,8, and 10.
  • Ringtones – 8 ringtones for your phone! Neptune can be your own personal alarm clock!
  • Wallpapers – 3 exclusive wallpapers featuring Blanc and her classmates!
On top of the 40% launch discount, you can get the Deluxe Bundle (game + Deluxe Pack) for an additional 10% off both the game and Deluxe Pack!

Yomawari: Night Alone – Countdown to Nightmares Trailer 

NIS announces the new Countdown to Nightmares trailer for Yomawari: Night Alone. A young girl walks around town in attempts to find her big sis and her dog, Poro…only to find mysterious monsters lurking in the night.

Yomawari: Night Alone for the PS Vita & Steam® will be arriving in North America on October 25th and in Europe on October 28th. Gamers can pre-order the title at select retailers or add the game to their Steam wishlist today!

Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters Daybreak: Special Gigs Review

Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters Daybreak: Special Gigs, or Tokyo Twilight: SG for short, is an Adventure game turn based strategy game about ghost hunting . This game is actually an updated version of another game which means this updated version of the game has extra features  the original version didn’t have. Unfortunately, I did not play that game so this review comes from a new-to-the-series perspective.

Unlike other Story/Adventure games Tokyo Twilight: SG has moving sprites of the characters. It’s something I’m not used to and was odd at first, but as I got used to it, I felt that they were actually pretty neat. The backgrounds, though, are a different matter. They aren’t interactive; it’s just a background. Finally, the turn based part of the game is nothing to look at its just tiles and symbols which, admittedly, was kinda of confusing to look at.


The story opens with the protagonist transferring to a new school and running into the class president, her friend, the to-be CEO of Gatekeepers (the Ghost hunters), and one of the employees who happens to be a classmate. After a tour with the class president, things quickly escalate into you helping exercise a ghost! Quite a quick move towards the action. So as not to spoil too much, thats all I will say on the story, but overall it was very enjoyable it is definitely the strong point of Tokyo Twilight: GS.


I was not very impressed with the audio of this game. If you stay on a “page” or battle for too long, the music just gets repetitive, but that’s OK  because you can always turn it down; you won’t miss out on anything. The only time I didn’t have the game on silent was when I got to a new area just to hear the new music that might be playing.



The game play was actually pretty hard when it came down to the turn based part of the game. I feel like the battle system was not explained too well and when I was finally given the reigns I found myself really confused. All the game told me was, “Try to anticipate the ghost’s movements.” Really helpful, game! Once I got used to it, I was able to play a little better, but it only really got harder. Outside of battle was even more confusing. There was no explanation, at all, about what the choice wheels meant or did. I had to guess a lot at first and learn from there. There are 2 wheels. The first wheel had an emotion: Love, Friendship, Anger, Sadness, Anxiety. The second wheel had a sense: Taste, Hearing, Touch, Smell, Sight. Combining these resulted in odd reactions from people. For example, the first thing I did was choose touch and love, which just resulted in me trying to touch a character I hardly knew much to that characters disgust. I had no idea what I was doing at first, it could have been explained a little at least, rather than not at all.


Despite its short comings I really enjoyed Tokyo Twilight: SG, the story had me hooked even if the battles were so hard that I had to do some of them more than once. If you have not played Tokyo Twilight then I say play the 2016 version instead, unless you want to find out what the differences are between that one and Special Gigs.

Think you will try it? Let us know in the comments!

Spooky Month: CarnEvil


Remember arcades? I think it would be pretty neat to know how much money those things took from me throughout my life. My guess is over 200 dollars.

CarnEvil is a game from the 90’s, it came out on Halloween of 1998 and was developed/published by the now defunct Midway games. The game is a railway shooter played with shotguns, the story revolves around an urban legend from Iowa, a fake one I believe.


Anyway the protagonist is on a ghost tour and he gets off to test the legend, the legend states that if a golden token is inserted into the jester’s mouth on top of the tombstone of Ludwig von Tökkentäkker, a ringmaster buried in the cemetery, a haunted amusement park will rise from the earth. Long story short, it turns out to be true and he must survive by killing the 4 main bosses of the amusement park: Evil Marie (a take on bloody Mary?), Krampus (Santa’s Evil counter part), Junior (A giant baby), and The ringmaster himself. Once the bosses are all killed the game ends with the protagonist and one other survivor left.

The game play is your standard rail way shooter, you don’t move by yourself and you don’t move until you’ve cleared the current screen of enemies. Considering this is an arcade game, its difficulty is pretty high, expect to lose a lot of quarters. The graphics have aged quite a bit, they don’t hold up to today’s standards but that’s to be expected nothing from the 90’s holds up today.

Did you ever play CarnEvil? if you haven’t and ever find it you should give it a try, its one of my favorite arcade games.

Spooky Factor: Only spooky if you’re a baby

Team17 Releases The Escapists 2 Reveal Trailer from TwitchCon

Team17 and developer Moudy Toof has released the very first gameplay teaser revealing The Escapists 2, the forthcoming sequel to their 1.8 million-selling indie smash hit of 2015.

the all-new trailer reveals just some of what’s in store next for fans of the popular sandbox prison-escape series when it launches on Xbox One, PlayStation® 4 computer entertainment system and Steam in 2017.

  • Multiplayer – In a first for the series, The Escapists 2 offers drop-in/drop- out play offering both split screen and online play for up to four players in both co-op and versus modes
  • New ways to escape – Tie together knotted sheets and use them to climb down high windows in our new multi-level prisons and other new ways to make a break for freedom!
  • New items to craft – Build yourself a homemade taser to knock out guards plus many more!
  • New combat system – A completely revamped combat system featuring new lock-on targeting and blocking systems plus light and heavy attacks
  • New graphical style – A brand new look immerses players in a deeper, richer world while maintaining that unique The Escapists style
  • More character customisation – New customisation options let players tweak their avatar to a whole new level. Play as a girl! Go bald! Sport a mullet! The choice is yours
  • More things to do – Join a band! Learn to paint! The Escapists 2 will offer more ways than ever to pass the time whilst incarcerated

Be sure to check the reveal trailer below.