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Overcooked: Special Edition is launching on the Switch this week

Team17 has just announced that Overcooked:Special Edition will be releasing for the Nintendo Switch July 27. OvercookedSwitchDate3D (1).png

The Switch version will include the original game as well as the two addition content maps.

You can check the details and short trailer below.

Overcooked: Special Edition includes the Overcooked base game plus The Lost Morsel and Festive Seasoning additional content and, with Nintendo Switch™, players will be able to take the Overcooked experience anywhere they like, with HD Rumble adding a whole new element to the cooking chaos!

Overcooked: Special Edition contains:

    • 44 campaign levels which can be played solo or couch co-op with up to 4 players
    • 9 versus levels to play head to head locally with either 2 or 4 players
    • 22 different chefs to play as. Choose a human, racoon, dinosaur, French bulldog, robot or even a reindeer in your quest for culinary greatness!
    • A range of crazy kitchens to play across with different recipes to master – cook soup, burritos, burgers, fish and chips and more!

Overcooked: Special Edition will be available to download for Nintendo Switch™ via the Nintendo eShop on the 27 th July for just $19.99

NCG Review: Yooka-Laylee (PS4, Xbox One, and PC)

As a Banjo- Kazooie predecessor with successful Kickstarter backing, Playtonic and Team 17 has Yooka-Laylee bringing the Nintendo 64 platforming era back for the latest consoles. But does it bring back the problems from that era and can it offer more than just nostalgia for players to enjoy this title?


Yooka-Laylee approaches players with a simplistic and straight forward story made for all ages. The adventure begins with a corporate business called Hivory Towers, with a corporate president named Capital B and Dr. Quack, who start a scheme of absorbing all the world’s literature and converting it into pure profit. This is when Yooka and Laylee jump into the picture because Capital B and Dr. Quack so happened to absorb Yooka and Laylee’s golden pages from their book called “Pagies”. So Yooka and Laylee venture out from the safety of their home to explore deep inside the work halls of the corporation known as the Hivory Towers, to find the “Pagies” needed to explore the mysterious Grand Tomes.Yooka-Laylee_CapitalB

The story works for Yooka-Laylee, mainly because of the game genre, and players will see that once exploring through the game and progressing through the main story. The simplicity of the story was one main part of the game that will have veteran platformer players going back to the golden ages of platforming. Although I enjoyed the story, I did feel like it lacked a lot of the character development for each main character, as it just sort of threw you out there with no history of each character. This would have been a great step away from the past era and bring something more to the reintroduction of this genre.


Visually, Yooka-Laylee looks magical, well developed and all around amazing with the Pixar looking models and spectacular animations for each character. The style of the game will truly bring you back to being a child. Even the environments looked outstanding. The development team behind Yooka-Laylee knew what they were doing and what they wanted to bring back from the 3D platforming era.


Players will be immersed as the explore the many different worlds in Yooka-Laylee. The only downside is that, there were some spots in the game that felt empty, or not finalized for enemies to be placed. Other than that, I can say the visuals of Yooka-Laylee would get a 10/10.


Music Plays a big role in any game, and Yooka-Laylee scores hit this right in the sweet spot for any game. The music of the game drew me in immediately as it is one of the main ways it helps to tell the story because the game takes the route of Banjo-Kazooie with no actual dubbing for voices. Players will feel each emotion the audio is placed in in section for, whether you’re out and exploring the joyful, energetic jungle themed parts of the game, or simply freezing in the snow zone. Players will appreciate what Playtonic has done with the audio.Yooka-Laylee_ShipwreckCreek_Trowzer

As I said before, Yooka-Laylee takes on the route of Banjo-Kazooie with no actual dubbing of dialog, but rather the dubbed the dialog with specific sounds, grunts and other silly noises to portray each NPC or character you run into. This was a great way to have all the characters come to life and seem important to the worlds and, with their silly dialog along with the sounds, you will be enlightened while playing.


With the plan to bring back the 3D platform era with Yooka-Laylee, and making it the predecessor of Banjo-Kazooie, Playtonic had a lot to live up to, and succeeded. Yooka-Laylee is hands down, the new iteration of this genre.

As I made my way through the single player mode, I found myself going down memory lane with the item collection, puzzles, and ability unlocking Yooka-Laylee had to offer, along with seeing a few familiar faces from some recent indie games that recently came out.


The mechanics of the game work well with the many abilities you must use to solve puzzles, but there were times I got frustrated with the camera not cooperating the way I wanted it to, and some wall detections.

Single player is not the only mode Yooka-Laylee must offer. With a few extra multiplayer modes, you and your friends will find some of the multiplayer games enjoyable. The downside though is that you must unlock the multi-player mode though out the single player story.  I would have liked being able to jump on immediately and play some mini games with a couple of buddies. The bright side though, this does give you a goal to look forward to while playing single player.YookaLaylee_RextrosArcade

For a platformer that is out in 2017, I did wish it had more to offer. Yooka-Laylee brought back everything we love from the N64 platformers and nothing else new. This will be enjoyable to anyone who wants to step away from the everyday shooters, JRPGs that are on the rise, and average open world game that comes out every few months.


With not many platformers out there and a few setbacks, Yooka-Laylee does a fantastic job bringing the 3D platformer genre back. This is definitely a game to pick up for anyone looking to step away from the usual titles that come out every month (I recommend picking it up for the Switch when the port is released). With hours of fun in the single player story, and some multiplayer action, Yooka-Laylee will have players wanting to see a sequel later down the line.


Aven Colony Anouncement

Team 17 has partnered with Mothership Entertainment to announce Aven Colony, a city simulator like game that takes place on a hostile alien planet. The trailer looks neat, take a look:

Here is what the company has to say:

Award-winning veteran games developer and international games label Team17 has today announced its partnership with Texas-based independent developer Mothership Entertainment to publish the sci-fi city-building and management sim, Aven Colony, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Aven Colony has been in development since 2013 by Austin, Texas-based Mothership Entertainment, an independent development studio formed by industry veterans whose combined game credits include Fable 2, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Star Wars: The Old Republic, City Conquest, MechWarrior 4: Vengeance, Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna, and more.

Set on Aven Prime, an alien world of deserts, tundras and wetlands light-years from Earth, Aven Colony is a rich simulation of an extra-terrestrial colony. Build, customise and maintain your settlement, manage your resources, encounter a variety of alien life forms and look after your citizens – all while dealing with the challenges of life in an entirely new solar system. Will your plucky settlers survive and prosper on this exotic alien world, and uncover its many secrets?

Featuring a dedicated mission objective system which gradually introduces colony management during the campaign mode, Aven Colony welcomes and enables both novice and experienced players alike to acclimatise to life on Aven Prime. Advance from Colony Governor through the ranks to achieve the prestigious title of Expedition President. There’s also an in-depth sandbox mode with a variety of unique maps to choose from and a full suite of options to customize the game experience.

Aven Colony is currently available in beta form via itch.io, and will launch on PC on both Steam and itch.io. This new partnership will see development extend to both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms, with Team17’s experienced multiplatform internal development studio supporting Mothership in bringing the game to a wider audience worldwide.

“We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with Team17 and bring Aven Colony to PS4 and Xbox One,” said Paul Tozour, founder of Mothership Entertainment. “Team17 shares our values and our passion for serving the customer. The itch.io beta has helped our tiny 4-person team engage with the community and grow the game significantly as we build toward some big new features we plan to unveil in the coming months. The Team17 partnership will help us grow that community even further and allow us to serve console customers in a way that we could never have done alone.”

Debbie Bestwick, MBE, CEO of Team17 added, “The talented team at Mothership Entertainment have been incredibly focused on delivering a solid, fun and unique city-building experience with Aven Colony. As we continue our global expansion, we’ve spent a lot of time looking for the right partners and they’re definitely the right fit so we’re delighted that they are the second US team to join Team17’s games label. We’re excited to work with them and contribute our wealth of expertise in bringing the game to PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as Mothership Entertainment have created such a fantastic game that deserves to be shared far and wide.” The Aven Colony beta is currently available from itch.io, with the complete Aven Colony experience set to launch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in Q2 2017.

TL;DR: new city simulator type game set on alien planet, coming to PC,PS4, and XBO


Need some more Playstation VR games? “Lethal VR” releases Today

Do you need your VR Fix? Well Team17 has a new title called Lethal VR for you today and is celebrating the release of Lethal VR with a limited time 20% discount.

Lethal VR is an immersive virtual reality weapons experience for PS VR brought to you from Three Fields Entertainment, a small indie dev studio founded by the creators of Burnout, BLACK and Dangerous Golf.

Step into the shoes of an FBI recruit and be tested in over 30 weapons based simulation exercises. You will need to demonstrate speed, precision, deadly accuracy and the ability to remain calm under pressure. After each challenge you will be graded on your performance. Do you have what it takes to earn a Lethal rating? Good luck, recruit!

Lethal VR features:
⦁ Over 30 missions to complete and master
⦁ A wide variety of exciting weapons including handguns, throwing knives, dual handguns, experimental weapons and a rather deadly hat!
⦁ Local leaderboards to track the best players among friends and family
⦁ 14 trophies to unlock

Lethal VR is available to download from today for PlayStation VR via the PlayStation Store for $14.99

Team17 Releases The Escapists 2 Reveal Trailer from TwitchCon

Team17 and developer Moudy Toof has released the very first gameplay teaser revealing The Escapists 2, the forthcoming sequel to their 1.8 million-selling indie smash hit of 2015.

the all-new trailer reveals just some of what’s in store next for fans of the popular sandbox prison-escape series when it launches on Xbox One, PlayStation® 4 computer entertainment system and Steam in 2017.

  • Multiplayer – In a first for the series, The Escapists 2 offers drop-in/drop- out play offering both split screen and online play for up to four players in both co-op and versus modes
  • New ways to escape – Tie together knotted sheets and use them to climb down high windows in our new multi-level prisons and other new ways to make a break for freedom!
  • New items to craft – Build yourself a homemade taser to knock out guards plus many more!
  • New combat system – A completely revamped combat system featuring new lock-on targeting and blocking systems plus light and heavy attacks
  • New graphical style – A brand new look immerses players in a deeper, richer world while maintaining that unique The Escapists style
  • More character customisation – New customisation options let players tweak their avatar to a whole new level. Play as a girl! Go bald! Sport a mullet! The choice is yours
  • More things to do – Join a band! Learn to paint! The Escapists 2 will offer more ways than ever to pass the time whilst incarcerated

Be sure to check the reveal trailer below.