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DOOD!! Team Fortress 2 Adds Disgaea Cosmetics

NIS of America has just announce a partnership with Valve® and the Team Fortress 2team in releasing three new all new Disgaea®-themed Team Fortress 2 Items that will be compatible with all nine beloved Team Fortress 2classes. You read the deatails below for details:

  • Prinny Hat – The preferred headwear of all Prinny aficionados. Keeps your head warm and toasty while displaying your fandom for all to see.
  • Prinny Pouch – The official pouch issued to all Prinnies. Hide your coins, hide your knives.
  • Prinny Knife – The official knife issued to all Prinnies. It’s good for slashing, stabbing, and raising HL.

Any customers who already purchased Disgaea PC will receive the genuine Disgaea-themed cosmetic items soon and they will be available for new customers who purchase Disgaea PC by the end of the Steam® Summer Sale. For more information on Disgaea PC, head to the official Steam store page, dood!