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DLC Sets and a Prinny Doll DLC for Birthdays the Beginning

NIS is bringing us some sweet DLC for their recent title, Birthdays the Beginning.  Did we also mention, a Prinny doll? The DLC will be available on the PSN and Steam.  Check out the details, d00d!

Prinny Doll (NA/EU Release Date: July 28) – Includes the ornamental “Prinny Doll” item, a tribute to the beloved Disgaea mascot.

Kunio and Riki Set (NA/EU Release Date: July 28) – The prolific high school punks burst onto the scene in Birthdays the Beginning. The Kunio and Riki Set contains the characters Kunio and Riki.

World Flag Set (NA Release Date: July 28/EU Release Date: July 31) – The World Flag Set contains the national flags of the following countries: America, Canada, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Germany, France, Russia, South Korea, China, and Japan.

World Monument Set (NA Release Date: July 28/EU Release Date: July 31) – The World Monument Set contains the following items: Pyramid, Stonehenge, Moai Statue, Totem Pole, Obelisk, and Chichen Itza.

Zen Garden Set (NA Release Date: July 28/ EU Release Date: July 31) – The Zen Garden contains the following items: Pond & Bridge, Stone Lantern, Large Bushes, Fence, Gate, and Sozu.

Cube Creator DX Set (NA/EU Release Date: July 28) – The Cube Creator DX Set contains the following items: Cube & Brothers, Cube & Animals, and Cube & Monsters.

Desert Rat Squad Set (NA Release Date: July 28/EU Release Date: July 31) – The Desert Rat Squad Set contains the Desert Rat and Devil Cat items.

NIS America Press Event is happening tomorrow

NIS America will be hosting the NISA Press event 2017 tomorrow in San Francisco, unveiling new games, providing playable demos and bringing over a few special guests.

If you are unfortunate to attend, NIS America has you covered. NISA will be providing a live stream of the entire event over at their twitch channel, so be sure to tune in and catch the latest announcement.

The event will be held on February 17th, 7:00 PM Pacific Time, in San Francisco.

Be sure to see if you can spot the NCG team as well, as our whole team will be attending!

DOOD!! Team Fortress 2 Adds Disgaea Cosmetics

NIS of America has just announce a partnership with Valve® and the Team Fortress 2team in releasing three new all new Disgaea®-themed Team Fortress 2 Items that will be compatible with all nine beloved Team Fortress 2classes. You read the deatails below for details:

  • Prinny Hat – The preferred headwear of all Prinny aficionados. Keeps your head warm and toasty while displaying your fandom for all to see.
  • Prinny Pouch – The official pouch issued to all Prinnies. Hide your coins, hide your knives.
  • Prinny Knife – The official knife issued to all Prinnies. It’s good for slashing, stabbing, and raising HL.

Any customers who already purchased Disgaea PC will receive the genuine Disgaea-themed cosmetic items soon and they will be available for new customers who purchase Disgaea PC by the end of the Steam® Summer Sale. For more information on Disgaea PC, head to the official Steam store page, dood!