Pre-Order goodies that will come with Sword Art Online -Hollow Realization-

November 8th is when Sword Art Online -Hollow Realization- comes out for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.  If this is a game you absolutely must have, be sure to get the pre-order so you can get all of the awesome goodies it comes with.

Pre-ordering the digital version of SWORD ART ONLINE -Hollow Realization- for the PlayStation 4 system will guarantee fans the following items:

  • Premium theme

  • Nightwear costume (for female characters)

  • Maid costume (for female characters)

  • GOD EATER Soma costume (for male characters)

  • GOD EATER Livie costume (for female characters)


A season pass for both the PlayStation 4 system and PlayStation Vita handheld system gives players the opportunity to extend their SWORD ART ONLINE -Hollow Realization- experience with three content packs which will include:

  • Stages and maps

  • Quests and scenario events

  • Bosses and enemies

  • New characters

Suggested retail price for the season pass is $24.99, or you can just get the Digital Deluxe Edition for $84.99.  It’s up to you.


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