Dragon Ball Fusions coming to 3DS

Dragon Ball Fusions is coming out December 13, 2016 for the Nintendo 3Ds . This portable Action RPG allows players to combine fighting, customization and collecting elements and immerse themselves in the Dragon Ball world.  The character list spans from Dragon Ball to Dragon Ball Super, and players will have a chance to enter a new story in the Dragon Ball series through the Adventure  mode or battle it out in the Multiplayer Battle Mode. Combine powers between characters to create endless combinations!!!

Main features of the game:

• AVATAR – Create your own avatar and participate in a totally new experience in the Dragon Ball universe

• FLY – Fly to the Dragon Ball fl ying island to progress through the story and discover new missions

• FUSIONS – Gather the strongest fi ghters to fuse them together and get powerful new characters; hundreds of different combinations are possible • RPG – The gameplay is based on a “Rock-Scissors-Paper” RPG system getting deeper the more you progress into the story

• PHOTO FUSIONS – Take pictures with your friends and fuse into a Dragon Ball character

Are you fan of Dragon Ball games? Will this be a title you add to your collection? Let us know in the comments!

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