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Sub-Zero joins the Injustice 2 roster

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment announced that Sub-Zero is now available to play in Injustice 2, but only if you have the Ultimate Edition or Deluxe Edition of the game.

Didn’t get the Ultimate or Deluxe Edition? You’ll just have to wait until July 18th, where he will be available for purchase in the PlayStation or Xbox store.

Check out the official Sub-Zero trailer below!

Spooky Month: The Suffering

The Suffering is one of the earliest horror action games I ever played and one that I can always go back to play again.

You play as Torque, a guy who is sent to prison for the murder of his wife and children, did he really do it? was he framed? I dunno probably. Anyway as you arrive at the prison some evil demonic force takes over the prison and demonic beings start killing everyone. It is up to you to escape with your life and uncover some dark history of the prison/island as you go along.

The game play is that of a third person shooter but you can try to play in 1st person as well, though I don’t recommend it, its not the best, particularly because the monsters can come at you from all sides.


I give this game a glowing recommendation and to its sequel as well, it has a great story (I still don’t know what is up with that Dr. Killjoy)and the game play is very tolerable. Have you played The Suffering? what did you think of it? Let me know what you thought of it.

Spooky Factor: It can get pretty spooky, the graphics might ruin it though.

Spooky Month: Fatal Frame

Fatal Frame is a game that came out 2 console generations ago for PS2 and Xbox it focuses on a girl named Miku and her brother Mafuyu it takes place in an abandoned and haunted mansion. Mafuyu doesn’t come back after going to search for his sensei in the mansion so Miku goes and starts looking for him in the same place.


The main antagonists of this game are ghosts and the only way to fight them is with a camera. After taking multiple pictures of the ghosts damaging them they will disappear, no pictures you take during combat are kept but there are some pictures you take that you keep that also help continue the story.

Fatal Frame does a good job of setting up a very spooky atmosphere, you never know when a ghost is going to be around the next corner. The eerie sounds the ghosts make will always unnerve you making you jump at every little noise that pops up.

Its kind of sad that I have not been able to play more of the games in the series, I haven’t made it past part of the second game, kind of out of fear but also because game 3 and on are all on consoles I don’t like┬áplaying games on very much. Either way though I do recommend you try out the first and second games in the series, they are a great spooky fun time.

Spooky Factor: Way spooky