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Phantom Brave PC is now out on Steam

The classic Nippon Ichi Software RPG Phantom Brave PC is now available on Steam.  You can pick up the Digital Chroma Edition, which includes a digital art book, today for 15% off.

Key features of the game:
Grid-free battle system– Move freely to attack, cast spells, and even lift
Over 400 different skills and magic spells– Create and coordinate your character to your liking to claim victory
Fight alongside phantoms– Marona’s ability allows her to interact with phantoms and bind their souls to different objects. By “confining” different objects it gives phantoms a temporary body to help you fight.

Check out the official trailer below!


Phantom Brave PC: Digital Chroma Edition coming to Steam!

On July 25th, Phantom Brave PC: Digital Chroma Edition will be available for pre-purchase on Steam. Pre-purchases will get 20% off of the game as well as a copy of the digital art book.

Marona, who can communicate with Phantoms, makes a living by completing requests sent by Bottlemails as a Chroma (a freelance worker who solves problems for people). Because of her ability to see Phantoms, she struggles to make a living. But the adventures for Marona and Ash (a Phantom who lost his life in battle) are about to begin!