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Kingdom Hearts III: Toy Story and other worlds revealed so far

Many of us were hoping to see an official release date for Kingdom Hearts III at D23 Expo.  Instead, a new world has been revealed.   Taking us right back to our childhoods and hitting us with the feels, a Toy Story world will be featured in the upcoming title.  The latest trailer shows Sora, Donald, and Goofy in Andy’s room.  They join Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Hamm, Rex, and Sarge in order to investigate the disappearance of Andy and the fellow toys.

“At long last, we are excited to open up the KINGDOM HEARTS universe to include the world of Disney•Pixar’s ‘Toy Story,’” said Tetsuya Nomura, Director of the KINGDOM HEARTS series. “I’m sure fans have been anticipating the inclusion of this world for many years. The narrative will be an original story exclusive to KINGDOM HEARTS III, and the gameplay will feel characteristic of the ‘Toy Story’ style and aesthetic. Please stay tuned for more details to be revealed soon.”

“Featuring a brand new storyline that brings together beloved ‘Toy Story’ friends with the heroes of KINGDOM HEARTS, the ‘Toy Story’ world in KINGDOM HEARTS III successfully mirrors the level of quality that we strive to achieve with every Pixar film,” said Jason Katz, Story Supervisor, Pixar Animation Studios. “KINGDOM HEARTS III will undoubtedly be an experience that fans will not want to miss.”

Check out the latest trailer below if you haven’t seen it yet.

So far, this makes a total of six worlds we have seen in trailers and announcements. In Kingdom Hearts III we are certain to see the worlds of:

Andy’s Room – Toy Story

Kingdom of Corona – Tangled

Mt. Olympus – Hercules

San Fransokyo – Big Hero 6

Twilight Town

Mysterious Tower

What other worlds are you hoping get incorporated into the KH3 series? What has been your favorite world from the other games so far? I also noticed it looks like they might incorporate a lot of game play style used in KH 2.8.  What do you think of the gameplay revealed so far? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Will we see Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy VII in 2017?

Will we see Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy VII in 2017? More than likely, not. According to an interview in Fanmitsu, the developers have stated “In terms of the state of development, there is still some way to go,” regarding KH3.  But what about FFVII? Developers they are making progress at the expense of pushing KH3 back. “I apologize that the wait will be be a bit longer for Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy VII Remake. I am very sorry, but to that degree I will make a game that will meet your expectations…This year I want to show our progress at an event somewhere.” Progress? Not release?!  How much longer do we have to wait!?

While I am anxious for the release of both of the titles, I’m willing to wait for a quality game. Are you anxiously awaiting both of these titles? What do you think of all of these delay announcements?

By the way, can you believe it’s going to be the 20th Anniversary of Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy VII? Do you feel old yet?

Another Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Trailer

Square Enix just loves to tease us!  Check out the next teaser trailer for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue trailer.  It looks like there’s going to be some awesome game play, customization options, and more glimpses of characters and story. It also reveals;

the trailer peeks into the machinations of the foretellers and the threat of a traitor within that lead to the devastating Keyblade War; the fate of Aqua as she battles to survive through the perilous and deceptive dangers of the Dark World; as well as Yen Sid’s wisdom on what Sora, Riku, and King Mickey must do in order to prepare for the final confrontation against Master Xehanort.

Based on the trailers what are some theories about the game that you have? Let us know in the comments!

Sora in World of Final Fantasy as DLC

Square Enix announced today that Sora, star of Kingdom Hearts, will be appearing in the World of Final Fantasy wearing his Dream Drop Distance HD outfit. This is to commemorate the release of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologe, coming out early 2017. You can find Sora as a free downlaodable character this winter.  As of now, there is no word on what his champion summon will be.