Pokemon Sun/Moon: Meet the leaders of the Alola Region

Meet your captains
Having completed the Island Challenge themselves, captains provide guidance to all trial goes.

Lana – Expert with Water-type Pokemon. She is a dedicated and reliable sister.


Mallow– Expert with Grass-type Pokemon.  She loved cooking but has peculiar tastes!


Sophocles – Expert with Electric-type Pokemon.  A mechanic who has invented many machinesSophocles_RGB_300dpi

Kiawe– Expert with Fire-type Pokemon.  Along with his Marowak, he studies traditional dances passed down in the Alola region


The Big Kahunas
The leaders of each island are called the island Kahuna.  Kahuna’s have been chosen by the Guardian Deity Pokemon found on each island.

Hala – Kahuna of Melemele Island, where the main character has just happened to move! Rival to Hau’s grandfather, his skills are renowned in the Alola region.  He gives the player their starter Pokemon





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