Pokemon Sun/Moon Alola Islands

Regions and Trials

What we already know about the Alola Islands consists of four islands. It has Pokemon native to the region as well as Pokemon that have adapted to the different ecologies the islands offer.

In Pokemon Sun/Moon you will start your journey by accepting the Island Challenge: an adventurous right where you must travel to the four islands to help you become a great Pokemon trainer.  In order to pass the Island Challenge, trainers much overcome a variety of trials on each island.  Trials include battling Pokemon, finding items, completing tests of knowledge, and more!

At the end of each trial, you face off against a Totem Pokemon that is larger than others in it’s species and enveloped in a special aura.  In battle, they summon Pokemon to join them and become even stronger.

The Grand Trial, the final trial of each island, is a face-off against the Kahuna of the island.  Winning the trial earns you public recognition and the next island opens, where more challenges, Totem Pokemon, and Grand Trials await!




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