Aksys is Working on Localizing a lot of Games

Yesterday at Anime Expo 2016, Aksys Games announced a line up of games that they will do their best to bring west, along with two titles that will be coming to other platforms.

The games to note that is porting over to more platforms are

  • Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward (Multi Platform)Suicide.png
  • 999: Nine Hours Nine Persons Nine Doors (Multi Platform)9991

Right the platforms that these two games will be ported to have not been announced. The other games are games that have been released outside of North America, and will be heading west.

Here is a list of some games mentioned at the Expo:

  • Hakuouki: Sweet Life (PSVita)Hakuouki.SSL.~Sweet.School.Life~.full.1771891
  • Tokyo Xanadu (PSVita and PC/Steam)TokyoXanadu_08
  • Bad Apple Wars (PSVita)616
  • Collar X Malice (PSVita)GAME-0016189_07
  • Period Cube: Torkago no Amadeus (PSVita)gfs_606003_2_2
  • Chase:Cold Case Investigation – Distance Memories (3DS)00ced632c9d4ad6190f6fc618c69d1c2

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