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The King of Fighters XIV version 1.10 update is Live, and will take up 3.7GB

The King of Fighters XIV’s long-awaited version 1.10 patch is live with, improved display on graphics and characters, increased color variations for each characters from 4 to 6 colors, and addressing other issues and improved functionality. Players will just need to be make room on their PS4’s for the 3.7 gigabyte update.31789003095_569185b262_o

The King of Fighters XIV Demo Launches July 19

During EVO, SNK Playmore announced that players will be able to download the King of Fighters XIV demo  from the Playstation Store on July 19.

the demo will feature seven playable fighters from the 50 playable character roster.

In addition to the KOF XIV demo, SNK Playmore announced that The King of Fighters XIV will have cooperative online multiplayer, in which two teams of three players can fight against each other.

Players can pick up KOF XIV on August 23 for the Playstation 4 in North America, August 25 in Japan, and August 26 in Europe.

Digital Preorder of The King of Fighters XIV will Include Extra Content

Atlus has announced a bonus to players that preorder The King of Fighters XIV in digital format. Players will receive the Nightmare Geese costume along with the Classic Kyo skin and a dynamic KOF theme for PlayStation 4. Previously a separate character all on his own, Nightmare Geese will offer not only a tattered and mutated visual for Geese but also an altered in-game voice.Check out the trailer below. The King of Fighters XIV goes on sale in North America on Aug. 23, 2016.

Don’t forget to also check out the KOF XIV Tournament at EVO 2016. It will be epic.



King of Fighters XIV Team South America Trailer

Atlus has another video straight from KOFXIV. Released today, the new trailer shows off “Team South” this time around, consisting of self-trained ninja Bandeiras Hattori; boxing prodigy Nelson; and Zarina who makes use of an acrobatic Capoeira fighting style. KOFXIV will be released exclusively for PS4 in North America August 23, and Europe August 26. Be sure to check the trailer out for yourself below.

SNK’s KOF XIV Trailer and Details – Official Invitation Team

SNK has released a” Team Gameplay” trailers for The King of Fighters XIV introducing the Official Invitation Team. The King of Fighters XIV is out for PlayStation 4 in North America on August 23.The Official Invitation Team in KOFXIV includes the following, detailed below by Atlus:

  • Sylvie – A former member of the shadowy NESTS organization, whose modified body allows her to unleash electrical attacks on opponents. While those powers are deadly on their own, what makes her so dangerous is the fact that she’s as nutty as a fruitcake. Apologies, they call that “being quirky” nowadays right? Just look at her crazy eyeball-themed outfit and completely unpredictable attacks!
  • Kukri – The mysterious hooded underground fighter whose gritty personality compliments his ability to wield sand. I mean, just imagine fighting someone who constantly attacks with pocket sand and multiply that by a thousand to get Kukri.
  • Mian – She turns every fight into a performance worthy of the Chinese Opera. She’s skilled at Bian Lian — the art of face-changing — and her attacks involve a lot of graceful and vigorous dance moves.

Be sure to check out the trailer below