NCG Review – Superbeat XONIC (Nintendo Switch)

Rhythm games are always a huge addiction for me and after hearing Superbeat XONIC was heading to the Console Handheld hybrid Nintendo Switch, I was stoked. Originally released on the Playstation Vita and later being released on the Playstation 4, Superbeat XONIC was a title I wanted to get my hands on.lrg_2


When jumping into the title players will feel like they will be in a light show from a concert, and that is amazing. It isn’t distracting, and will keep players engaged in the beat of each track. With all of the flashy colorsand the fast pace notes to conquer, players will feel like they are back in the 90’s with the DDR look of the game.



Gameplay is where any rhythm game is at, and Superbeat XONIC is not any different. Challenging, fast pace, and really engaging, players will be addicted.

I enjoyed the soundtrack since it had a little bit from each genre.  However, the downside on playing on the Switch was the joystick placement.  If you’re a button player, the layout will feel off and will take a while to get used to. Touch screen doesn’t have this issue, but the Switch slides around if you place it on a surface.  You get used to it after a while, and once you do, you’ll be back in the world of Superbeat XONIC.


This time around the title includes all DLC for free from the recent releases which saves you a bit of money.  Since it is an older title, it really gives you more bang for your bucks. The game has over 60 songs to play though and having player ready to take on the challenge. Especially on the new console, playing on the TV and and go as enjoyable as ever.


Superbeat XONIC is a must have for this new console, and a title players will lose alot of time to. Very addicting gameplay, and spectacular visuals, this title will have players coming to for days to come. For an older re-release, this is always a genre and game to jump on and off as time goes on. I recommend this for everyone and will give it a 9 out of 10 as it keeps the rhythm games alive and addicting.



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