NCG Review- Drive Girls (PSVita)

Have you ever wondered what a game would be like if you mixed Transformers with an anime magical girl theme? Well  Drive Girls is what you have been waiting for! In a world where people have the ability to transform into cars, and yet have to fight to save their home land, Drive Girls is an experience that will take you for a ride!drive-girls-review-3.png


The story starts with the player following Lancia, as she makes her way to take the ERT or emergency response team entrance exam, but then finds herself joining a group of vigilantes called the drive Girls, who are out to destroy the Bugs that come to vanquish the land. drivetrailer-1493131516493

The story was presented very well, and isn’t silly like most other titles of this genre, and I did find myself wanting to know what was going to happen next in each chapter, but after a while the story become the same old fight and in the same areas.


When jumping into Drive Girls, one of my favorite aspects that stood out to me was the soundtrack. Mainly consisting of electronic and rock background music, it really played a role in making the title have its own identity, as well as gave me that nostalgic feeling I use to have when watching an anime during my early days.

As always with most Tamsoft titles, I would have liked to have heard some English dubbing for the voice acting, but Drive Girls only featured the native Japanese dubbing. Which fans of oversea titles will love. It was also performed decently, as the voice actors actually caught the emotion of each character.


Developed by Tamsoft, a company known for Senran Kagura titles and many other titles of the same play style, Drive Girls is along the same sort of game play. Fast paced hacking and slashing, girls losing their clothes, and for this title a mix of car transformations as well. With these 3 aspects blended together you get a unique hack and slash title with some racing or car themed challenges. This was quite enjoyable for me, as I am a huge hack and slash fan, but what I can state right now before going into to details is that this title is not for everyone.vi_drivegirlsf

The game is fun to an extent, players will find the combo system smooth and satisfying, but the lack of enemy models just take from the game. As they are the same bugs thought out the whole game, and nothing more. It is very sad as the game feels like it wants to deliver but doesn’

The driving section of the game also lack in variety. Players will find themselves in empty roads with minimal obstacles, and long plank roads most of time. I wish the developers could have added more to each race, but that is just hopeful thinking, The only aspect the game has going for it is the equipment/ sticker system, as players will equip stickers to build up the character

That being said, the game is enjoyable, but falls flat during game play. There is no replay value and yet the story is fairly short. I would only recommend this title to anyone wanting a quick fix in the hack and slash genre. I give Drive Girls a 5 out of 10 for my final score.Score



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