River City Melee: Battle Royal Special is coming to Steam September 14

H2 Interactive has announced that they will be bringing River City Melee: Battle Royal Special, which was previously released for PlayStation 4, to Steam worldwide on September 14.

You can check out a brief overview below.



This is the most recent installment of the Kunio-Kun franchise, recreated as a fun and easy fighting game with the fighting aspects taken and upgraded from River City Super Sports Challenge: All Star Special.PREVIEW_SCREENSHOT1_147791

The developers of the acclaimed fighting game series BlazBlue have participated in the development this game to improve the user experience. The game is designed to enhance the mind games and overall balance, which allows players a more strategic approach.

Brand New Systems

  • Rage Super Arts: A gauge will fill up as you’re damaged, and when it eventually reaches its maximum capacity, you will enter “Rage” mode! In Rage mode, your overall and Super Arts will be enhanced! For example, you can use “Mach Kick II” instead of “Mach Kick,” your “Bomb” punch will be explosive, and so on.
  • New Skills: On top of new special moves, all characters can now use the throw skill. With increased means to survive the battle, players can experience intense combat by lifting the opponent into the air and adding attacks, striking multiple opponents with the Giant Swing, and so on.

New Stages

  • Football Stadium: Score Goals! Opponents will take damage when you make a goal in their goalpost.
  • Factory Stage: Random items are generated when you push the switches on both sides of the stage! Feeling lucky? Try your luck!

You can find even more new stages in the game!

Game Modes

  • Single Player: Enjoy each of the 25 teams’ unique story lines.
  • Free Battle: Set each battle condition and battle with up to four players.
  • Multiplayer: Play with friends in online multiplayer mode. You can also search for another player’s online room.

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