Match, Clear and Summon: Boost Beast out today on the Nintendo Switch

Need a game to fill in the gaps between major Nintendo titles?  Arc System Works has your back with a Beat’em-Up Puzzle Game, Boost Beast.

Game Specs:

Title: Boost Beast
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Developer: ARZEST Corporation
Publisher: Arc System Works Co., Ltd.
Release Date: July 20, 2017
Genre: Puzzle
Price: $9.99 USD


Boost Beast is a defense puzzle game where players defeat the invading horde of zombies by clearing blocks and summoning animals.

A sudden viral outbreak has infected the entire human race and turned everyone into zombies… Only a small group of animals survived the outbreak. In order to restore peace to the world, Alec, the king of the dogs, sets out on a journey with his animal army to exterminate the zombies.

There are many dangers that will stand in your way during your quest to save the world that include cages that traps your animal friends, rocks that block your path, and the grim reaper who will turn your allies into zombies.

Key Features:

  • Simple controls! Match 3 of the same animal blocks to call upon your animal friends and defeat the wave after wave of incoming zombies.

  • Make use of bombs and chain combos to pave a path to victory!

  • Unleash your cute animal army and clear over 200 stages!

And a trailer!

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