Team NCG’s Games of the Year 2016

2016 was yet another great year for games and we’ve played all we could get our hands on. Out of all the game releases, we all sat down and picked out our favorites.  Here are our top picks for 2016:


Frost – Pokemon Sun and Moon
Pokemon Moon brought back the nostalgia of old Pokemon games but still managed to add elements to the game to make it feel new.  It was like an RPG, but with Pokemon.


Dark_Laharl – The Division
“When The Division first came out I just had to buy it, I was able to play in the beta and liked that I saw. Once I had the full game I spent hours playing and had lots of fun as I leveled up and found new equipment. I played a lot of it with a co-worker and despite having a hard time dropping legendary loot it was fun while we completed the story, this alone made it the game of the year. Never mind that it sucked a lot after the story was over, meaning the end game was trash.”


NCG Luis – Overwatch
“When deciding what to pick for my favorite game of 2016 I wanted to put a little more though into what it was that made it so I enjoyed playing a particular game. And it became clear that quality the game play was determined by the time I spent playing it and perceived enjoyment I got after playing the game.

My game of the year is Overwatch; this is the same game I had originally perceived as a Generic shooter and a Team Fortress 2 clone. The game uses simple mechanics that almost felt ripped from different shooters. It has Characters that felt too familiar as I could swear I had just played them in different games while the maps or arenas felt small and clustered.

Nonetheless it was actually all these things brought together that made the game so enjoyable. The simplicity of the game in a highly competitive format made it so that even the most inexperienced player could pick it up and actually contribute. From the start every characters mechanics are clear, characters are balanced to be able to counter each other, there is the never the worry of having someone pick that one toon who developers can’t get right because of their strengths. You no longer are playing a game where you pick the strongest character, but rather picking the best character for whatever scenario your team needs to overcome.

As skill in the game is gained, it becomes apparent that it’s not your ability to go off and kill the enemy that sets you apart, but how you contribute, communicate and execute as a team. And this is truly what you want in any game that consists of group gameplay. After a match despite win or lose your contributions are clearly presented. Matches don’t end leaving you empty handed, like if the last half hour was wasted thanks to a special fairy who could not grasp the game. Queue time, load time and replay time is low, allowing you to enjoy more of that sweet gameplay you came for.

Those are my reason for making this my game of the year for 2016. When things are said and done every match felt rewarding and queuing up for another round was always an experience I welcomed. I believe it simplicity that makes this game so special and look forward to seeing how the game evolves thanks to numerous new characters and maps being released for the 2017 seasons.”

884-overcooked-screenshot-1469768875 – Overcooked
Overcooked is one of those games where you grab a couple of drinks, get your friends together, and let the chaos unfold.  You’ll spend most of the night shouting directions at one another, catching the kitchen on fire, and somehow manage to pull off the perfect service. I think it’s one of the best social games I’ve played because it forces you to work as a team rather than against each other.  The game is challenging enough to make you replay some levels, and you’re always willing to start from the beginning to bring new people into the kitchen.


UndED – Forza Horizon 3
Forza Horizon 3 was a breath of fresh air for me.  While many of my other games lost their sheen after mere days of playing, Forza Horizon 3 kept me coming back to it for months.  Variety is the name of the game here, with several choices of cars, events, and locations to make sure you don’t get bored. FH3 is easily the funnest and most rewarding game I’ve played in recent memory, and the inclusion of the Blizzard Mountain DLC had me back at the wheel, drifting through icy turns with a passion.”


Felt like a classic first person shooter.

And there you have the NCG’s top game picks for 2016! What was your favorite game from 2016? Let us know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Team NCG’s Games of the Year 2016”

  1. All great picks. However, I’m yet to get to Overcooked, which seems to be a huge favourite among those who’ve played it. I’ve always been a proponent of experimental multiplayer, and Overcooked looks right up my alley.


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