More Danganronpa V3 Characters revealed!

More characters have been released for New Danganronpa V3: Everyone’s New Semester of Killing.  Plus, more details on the anime featuring Nagito Komaeda which will be included with the limited edition set.

■ Story

In this world, the government is implementing a special encouragement system called the “Gifted System,” by which various privileges are granted, and there are students with “Super High School Level” titles who have great promise for the future. Kaede Akamatsu, the “Super High School Level Pianist,” is one of those students.

The students with Super High School Level talents were scattered about the country, and never gathered in one place, but one day, 16 Super High School Level students, including Kaede, were imprisoned in the “Academy for Gifted Prisoners.”

The self-proclaimed headmaster of the Academy for Gifted Prisoners is a mysterious stuffed toy called “Monokuma,” and the academy’s administrators are its children, the “Monokumas.” According to Monokuma, this school is a place where the extremely talented compete in a mutual killing game.

Monokuma informs the students of his insane rules: In the event that a murder occurs, a class trial will be held to debate “Who is the Blackened?” In the event that the correct answer is achieved, only the Blacked will be punished. In the event that the wrong answer is the result, only the Blackened will survive and the remaining Spotless will be punished.

The academy is surrounded by a huge wall and is impossible to escape. In order to leave this place, as Monokuma said, mutual killing is the only answer—.

In order to stop the mutual killing, and in order to protect someone, the curtain lifts on a class trial where both “lies” and “truth” are prevalent.

■ Characters

Kiibo (voiced by Tetsuya Kakihara) – Ultimate Robot

A robot equipped with high-level learning function “Growth AI.” Kiibo knew nothing at the start when he was created, but his creator Dr. Idabashi raised him like his own child and let him attend high school. Therefore, although he is a robot, he is certified for as a Super High School Level student. He has a serious personality and speaks respectfully, but opts to beat-up anyone who makes discriminatory or prejudicial remarks against robots. Very much like a robot, his robotic speech sometimes estranges people in conversation, and he is teased about this by Oma. He has a built-in audio recorder.

Gonta Gokuhara (voiced by Shunsuke Takeuchi) – Ultimate Entomologist

Young Gonta, obsessed with looking for bugs, got lost in the forest. It would take the young boy 10 years to return safely to the side of his parents, but during that time he was raised by a kind-hearted family of wolves and became able to talk to animals and insects. Just as he says he is—“In order to return the favor of raising me, I am aiming to be a real gentleman”—he is a very gentlemanly person. However, because his early childhood was spent in the forest, he had an insufficient education and as a result often does not mesh well when conversing with other students. His outward appearance is that of one who possesses superhuman strength, but as he says, “I’ve never killed even a bug.”

Shuuichi Saihara (voiced by Megumi Hayashibara) – Ultimate Detective

A young detective apprentice who assists his uncle in running his detective agency. Most requests that come in to his uncle’s office are small jobs related to things like extra-marital affairs, but he once solved a murder case before the police. It was decided that he would be certified as the Super High School Level Detective. He solved the murder case by chance, so he doesn’t think he deserves to be in among Super High School Level students. Because of that his timid manner of speech stands out, but his insight and ability to take action open’s people eyes wide in amazement.

Tsumugi Shirogane (voiced by Mikako Komatsu) – Ultimate Cosplayer

A cosplayer who is so popular she receives corporate sponsors. More than wearing costumes, she likes to make them, but more than she loves her work she hates cosplayers who try to use her to make themselves stand out, so naturally she carries out her work as a cosplayer. She is a quiet and kind honor student, but she talks fiercely about the work and cosplay she loves. Also, when she is deep in thought, no matter how much anyone tries to speak to her she will act as if she is ignoring them. In conversation, she has a habit of quoting lines from her own work.

Monosuke (voiced by Koichi Yamadera) – Monokumas

One of the Monokumas. Speaks in a Kansai dialect. He is the most composed among the Monokumas and plays the role of the straight man, if one were pushed to say. Nonetheless, he is not quiet, undefeated even by Monokid when it comes to foulmouthedness. He shows a positive attitude even during disputes among the Monokumas, saying things like, “These Monokumas sure give off negative vibes.”

■ Class Trial Mini-Games

Scrum Debates

Scrum Debates are triggered when the opinions of those participating in the class trial splits into two. In order to discuss different topics, the characters of each side do not engage in debate as normal. As the characters of the opposing side each take turns speaking, you’ll match each other’s topics by figuring out their topics and having a character on your own side with the same topic speak. The main objective of a Scrum Debate is to match all the topics while the opponent’s side goes around.

During a Scrum Debate, the lower part of the screen features “Topic Keywords” from both sides. You’ll know all of your own side’s Topic Keywords from the beginning, but since the opposing side’s are hidden, you’ll need to read into the opposing side’s remarks to figure out which character is talking about which topic.

Theoretical Arms

This is triggered when a frenzied opponent, armed with their own theory, refuses to listen to the opinions of others. This one-versus-one debate is called “Theoretical Arms.” In a Theoretical Arms debate, you can damage the opponent’s theory by shooting at his or her remarks while matching the rhythm.

Super Danganronpa 2.5: Nagito Komaeda and the Destroyer of the World


Nagito Komaeda is an ordinary young man who attends an ordinary school. He’s not comfortable being the protagonist of the story and feels that special abilities just get in the way of one’s happiness.

As he observes his classmates going about their ordinary teenager lives, he’s so convinced that a moderate lifestyle will lead to moderate happiness that he makes an impassioned speech to Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu, who is in the same year as him.

But then one day, a boy calling himself “Destroyer of the World” appears and begins tearing Komaeda’s world apart.


This is the chronological order of the Danganronpa series, to illustrate where Super Danganronpa 2.5: Nagito Komaeda and the Destroyer of the World falls in the timeline:

  1. Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak Academy – Side: Despair
  2. Danganronpa/Zero
  3. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
  4. Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls
  5. Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair
  6. Super Danganronpa 2.5: Nagito Komaeda and the Destroyer of the World
  7. Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak Academy – Side: Future

A cosplayer, apprentice detective, robot, entomologist, and more Monokuma’s?! The cast is turning out to be pretty interesting. And I definitely want to see what Nagito has been doing behind the scenes.  This is one game I can’t wait to play!

Will you be picking up this title? Who do you think the most interesting character so far is? Let us know in the comments!

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