Overwatch Blizzcon Update

We saw an official trailer for Overwatch’s new Hero, but here are the full details of Sombra in Blizzards own words!

One of the world’s most notorious hackers, Sombra is an offensive hero who specializes in hit-and-run tactics. Sombra’s Thermoptic Camo ability lets her sneak behind enemy lines, while her Translocator device teleports her out of danger. She can Hack a target to reduce their damage and deny them health packs. Her ultimate ability, EMP, can turn the tide of a team fight by disabling shields and shutting down enemies’ powers.

Sounds neat, looks neater

There’s trouble in paradise as conflict breaks out in Oasis, a brand-new Control map set in a shining jewel of prosperity surrounded by a lifeless desert.

Bundle up for a journey to Ecopoint: Antarctica, a compact new arena map featuring multiple new game modes, including a 3-vs.-3 battle and 1-on-1 duel. Face off at the remote scientific outpost where brilliant climatologist Mei spent years in cryostasis following a catastrophic polar storm.

No Pics to show off on the maps just yet.

Discover new ways to fight for the future in the Overwatch Arcade. Choose from a variety of regularly rotating alternate game modes, including 1-on-1 duels, 3-vs.-3 skirmishes, and special rule sets like “no hero switching”—and earn rewards like bonus experience and loot.

These updates sound awesome, we haven’t had anew map since Eichenwald and we haven’t seen a new Hero since Ana. I really want to try out Sombra, she sounds like someone that can take out some of the more annoying Hero’s out there.

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