Gamestop Is Now Taking Retro Trade-Ins at All Stores

Gamstop has announced that retro trade-ins of games, systems, and controllers can now be done at all GameStop stores. Additionally, GameStop’s online offerings have expanded to include the Sega Saturn, Game Boy Color and Advance, GameCube, and Xbox.

GameStop previously announced that they wanted to get back into the retro games market back in 2012, and pushed it forward in 2015, offering NES, Genesis, SNES, N64, PS1, and Dreamcast games for purchase online. However, trade-ins for retro games and consoles was previously limited to specific areas. No specific date has been set for when this will take effect, but we believe it will be sometime in the next couple weeks.

What do you think of Gamstop’s decision, and will you be trading-in or picking up Retro titles?

Leave you comments below.

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