Disgaea 2 PC announced

Almost a year after Disgaea PC was released, NIS is releasing Disgaea 2 PC has now been announced to be released on Jan 30th, 2017.

If you have not played the first game no worries, this game follows a different group of protagonists. Adell a demon hunter and Rozalin a demon princess are the main protagonist and they are joined by Adell’s siblings and Etna from the previous game. The story follows the group as they try to get rid of the evil lord Zenon in order to break the curse that has affected all humans.

NIS has said they will include the original game plus Dark Hero days, previously only available on the PSP. In addition 3 characters that were only available in the Japanese version will also be included.

I’m super excited for this game, it is one of my all time favorite series on the Playstation and now it will be available on PC!

Are you going to pick this up? I highly recommend it if you like turn based strategy RPG games.

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3 thoughts on “Disgaea 2 PC announced”

  1. As a long time Disgaea fan, this is a great news, at the same time I am a little conflicted as I have this game for PS2 as well as PSP.

    I heard that Disgaea 1 PC had a lot of problems, have you had the chance to check it out?


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