Pokemon Go Panel News

San-Diego Comic con is now over but we can all still revel in the news that has come out of it. Like Pokemon Go news!

Niantic has released the final designs for the team leaders of Mystic, Valor and Instinct. Blanche, Candela, and Spark…..really? Spark? is it ’cause the team color is yellow and we associate it with Zapdos and electric type? Real original…

I like their designs, they really match with the design that was given to prof-SPARK! WHAT WHERE YOU THIN-…sorry sorry. They do match professor Willows design.

Here are some bullet points of what was discussed at the panel

  • The legendary birds are tied to teams in some way.
  • We can’t expect Legendaries until after the game has been released in all regions.
  • There are Easter Eggs that nobody has found yet.
  • Pokemon Centers are coming
  • There will be more functionality added to gyms.
  • They know about the three step glitch but no word on when it will be fixed.
  • Niantic says the game is at about 10% of what they want it to be

Only 10%, huh? I can imagine why, what with missing features so far like trading and trainer Pokemon battles. I’m excited for Pokemon Go’s future.

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