Mobius Final Fantasy coming to Mobile devices

For those who never had the chance to experience Final Fantasy games on the intended console, Square Enix is bringing different Final Fantasy titles to mobile devices.  The next game to hit mobile devices will be Mobius Final Fantasy.

Mobius Final Fantasy is the story of a man who wakes up in Palamcia with no memory of his past.  On Palamecia, he is tasked with bringing hope to the world and unraveling a mysterious prophecy.

Mobius Final Fantasy is a free-to-play app.  Already available in Japan, it received the app stores “Best of 2015” award.  Preregistration is now open  and those who preregister receive  Final Fantasy X themed items such as Tidus’s weapon Brotherhood, a Yuna character card, and other special rewards for when the game launches.  Mobius Final Fantasy is available August 3rd on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Click here to preregister and check out some awesome screenshots below!

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