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NCG watches Gamers!

Anime is always out to touch the heart of a gamer.  We saw Sword Art Online, No Game No Life (just to name the big titles), and now we have Gamers!

We meet Keita Amano, an plain high school student who loves games. While he’s picking out a few games from the game store, he runs into one of the prettiest girls in school, Karen Tendou.  Not only is she talking to him, but she invites him to join the Gaming Club! Despite wanting to live a “refreshing high school life” making new friends, Amano rejects her offer.

The story touches on the concept of competitive gaming VS casual gaming and what games mean to different people.  We meet all sorts of arch-type gamers so gamers out in the real world can find a character they can easily relate too whether you’re the hardcore competitive gamer, closet gamer, the friend that always has a different opinion, or a casual gamer who plays everything.

There are an abundant amount of game references and in-show game play, which makes the series fun to watch.  Gamers! is a light series to pick up; it won’t leave you at the edge of your couch at the end of every episode. It follows basic slice-of-life, romance, shounen plots but it’s a good watch to pass the time.

Gamers! can be found with English dub on Funimation, or with subtitles on Crunchyroll.

Have you had a chance to watch this title? Let us know what you think in the comments!

D.Gray-Man – Hallow

I’m back with another recommendation!

No doubt, some of you have already heard of D.Gray-man which originally began running in Manga form back in 2004 and then an Anime back in 2006. If you have heard of it, then you know it was going through some tough times; chapters stopped coming out at one point leaving us all on edge as to what was coming next.

Now, we can rejoice! D.Gray-man is back with D.Gray-man Hallow Anime and chapters being released monthly. I am a big fan of this series. The main protagonist, Allen Walker,  is 15 at the start of the show. He uses his left arm as a weapon to destroy the akuma. The basic jist of the series is that the Noah clan, lead by the Millennium Earl, are out to destroy all of humanity. The Black Order stands in their way with its members being people who can use the special weapons called “innocence” that destroy the akuma.

If you already know about the series, then you can continue watching the anime were it left off, with Allen’s group getting stronger and moving their base of operations to a new home. For everyone else who hasn’t watched, lucky you! You have 103 episodes to watch and catch up before watching D.Gray-Man Hallow. Go! watch! I think you will like it.

Jitsu Wa Watashi wa… aka My Monster Secret

The world of Anime and Manga is vast, there are so many out there that sometimes I don’t know what to watch next! If you also have this problem, then let me give you a recommendation.

Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa translated as “Actually I am”, or the English name given “My Monster Secret”, is a Romantic Comedy anime. The main protagonist is Asahi Kuromine, a high schooler who can’t keep secrets. Everyone can tell if he is lying or if he’s worried which is how he earns the nickname “basket with holes” (even more than a regular basket). Asahi has a crush on his classmate, Shirogami Youko, who turns out to be a vampire. Asahi must keep her secret at all costs or else she will have to move back home and he will never be able to see her again. Things only get more comical as other classmates, Akemi Mikan and Nagisa Aizawa, to come to terms with their feelings for Asahi and also keep their own secrets from being exposed.

I really like this as both Anime and Manga. It’s one of my weekly reads and every single chapter has made me laugh out loud. The manga itself has already surpassed the Anime which has had its first season end back in Sep of 2015. There has been no word if there will be a season 2, yet.

There you have it a recommendation from me, will you check it out? If you do let me know what you think!