D.Gray-Man – Hallow

I’m back with another recommendation!

No doubt, some of you have already heard of D.Gray-man which originally began running in Manga form back in 2004 and then an Anime back in 2006. If you have heard of it, then you know it was going through some tough times; chapters stopped coming out at one point leaving us all on edge as to what was coming next.

Now, we can rejoice! D.Gray-man is back with D.Gray-man Hallow Anime and chapters being released monthly. I am a big fan of this series. The main protagonist, Allen Walker,  is 15 at the start of the show. He uses his left arm as a weapon to destroy the akuma. The basic jist of the series is that the Noah clan, lead by the Millennium Earl, are out to destroy all of humanity. The Black Order stands in their way with its members being people who can use the special weapons called “innocence” that destroy the akuma.

If you already know about the series, then you can continue watching the anime were it left off, with Allen’s group getting stronger and moving their base of operations to a new home. For everyone else who hasn’t watched, lucky you! You have 103 episodes to watch and catch up before watching D.Gray-Man Hallow. Go! watch! I think you will like it.

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