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Pokken Tournament’s Empolean Trailer Debut

Pokken Tournament’s Official Twitter announced in November that Empolean will be joining the Arcade version December 15, and at least we get to see the gameplay footage of Empolean in this Debut trailer.

No news has been announced if any of the new comers will be coming to the Wii U version. 

Pokken Tournament Arcade adds Empoleon

Bandai Namco has announced on the new comer to Pokken Tournament Arcade coming December 15. Yes, the leaks were true. Empoleon is joining the battle.

Empoleon follows recent playable character additions Croagunk in November, Scizor in October, and Darkrai in July.

Still no word if all the new Pokemons will be joining the Wii U version.

Another Pokken Tournament Character Announcement is Coming Dec 1

The official Twitter for Pokken Tournament has teased another announcement for the Pokken Tournament Arcade. The tweet announced that they will reveal a new playable character December 1st.

The arcade version’s recent playable additions include Croagunk in November, Scizor in October, and Darkrai in July.

The is still no details if these characters will be coming to consoles.

Another Pokemon is Joining Pokken Tournament Arcade

The Pokken Tournaments’ official Japanese twitter account has announced a new challenger will be revealed for the Pokken Tournament Arcade November, 1.


The arcade version recent added Scizor earlier this month and Darkrai in July. No news has been announced if any of these characters will be joining the Wii U version.