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Our next look at Death Stranding

Kojima is back at the Game Awards, not only winning the award for Icon of the Game Industry, but giving us a another look into Death Stranding.  The wonderful compilation was shown in real-time on the PlayStation Pro and was announced that we will see more revealed at the PlayStation Experience.

After seeing more of Death Stranding, the game looks like it will circle around the themes of life and death.  And was that… was that Guillermo Del Toro? Do you think he might also have a role in the upcoming Kojima title? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Kojima tells more about Death Stranding

Ever since E3, we have been speculating what kind of game Death Stranding is supposed to be. Hideo Kojima has finally given us some details, stating that will be an action game with action elements, and of course story elements you would see in a Kojima game.  Kojima also mentioned there will be an online element.

In addition to an open world action game, the game will have less battling and more links, or “Strands” between players.

“I’m aiming for a new type of action,” Kojima said.

Do you think Death Stranding is going to shape into a good game? Let us know what you think!