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Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds with another round of handsome bachelor’s!

May is almost here! Can you believe it? One more month until we get to meet these sexy samurai first-hand.  Idea Factory is giving us a look at a few more of the handsome men you can fall in love with!

Ryouma Sakamoto


A gunslinging, smooth-talking samurai who offers to help you find your father. Sakamoto hides behind pseudonyms and his charming smile. Can you trust this handsome stranger you’ve just met?


Kazue Souma


A young samurai who doesn’t think highly of the Shinsengumi. Souma is a serious, headstrong person. Kondou invites him to join the Shinsengumi as your first student – can you teach him well?


Hachiro Iba


A samurai from the Okuzume, the guards who protect the shogun. Iba is the Shinsengumi’s old friend from Edo, but for some reason he claims to know you…


Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds is coming May 19th for your PlayStation Vita.  Do you already have your favorite character picked out yet?