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Finally! Grand Kingdom is here!

Get your squad ready!

Grand Kingdom is finally out on PSN in North America for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.  When you download your digital purchase, be sure to add the Lord’s Set DLC Bundle, and get Lord Glory, Lord Keeper, Cliff Piece, and Crown Flag for your squad –all free!

For those who want a physical copy, you will have to wait just a little while longer.  Retailers will have physical copies available June 28th.

Final batch of Grand Kingdom recruits

Last call!

The final batch of recruits for Grand Kingdom are: Dragon Mage, Arcanist, Blacksmith, and Challenger classes! Your army will have a variety of classes to choose from!

Look for Grand Kingdom on the PSN June 21st, and at retailers June 28th. Check out the next trailer below!

Grand Kingdom’s New Recruits

But we are still waiting for the game

Although Grand Kingdom’s release has been delayed, it could be a blessing in disguise since developers are still adding different classes to the game.  In addition to the classes Grand Kingdom already offers, there will also be a Shaman, Lancer, Rogue, and Gunner class to add to your mercenary squad.

Check out the new recruits in action below!

NIS has announced the "Lord Set Bundle" for early adapters of Grand Kingdom

Yes, More Items

Today NIS has announced the “Lord Set Bundle” for early adapters of Grand Kingdom.

The Lord’s Set Bundle will include:
  1. Lord Glory – a uniquely noble sword for melee mercenaries
  2. Lord Keeper – a uniquely noble shield for melee classes to carry to battle
  3. Cliff Piece – a custom map piece to represent the player’s team
  4. Crown Squad Flag – a unique squad flag to identify early adopters in battle

This early adopter bundle will only be available for download during the first week after the game’s release, so players interested in them should be sure to pre-order Grand Kingdom and join the war effort early to make use of these exclusive items!

Grand Kingdom for PS4 is available for pre-order on PSN for 10% off with an exclusive theme and four Charm Scrolls for use in game!

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