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Five games that deserve a reboot

Five Games That Deserve a Reboot



On December 1st, Capcom registered a new trademark for its beloved PS2 series Onimusha. A nanosecond later I couldn’t help but dream of other titles that deserve new entries as well. Here is a list of the top five games I would love to see brought back from the proverbial dead. 
Earthworm Jim

Having been missed since its two releases in 1994-95, Earthworm Jim has been a favorite for quite some time, even being re-released in 2010 on PSN and XBL. A new release as a mobile port or even 3DS game would be appreciated. 

Destroy All Humans!

The original released in 2005, and to the surprise of many, was actually a sleeper hit. This is
an incredibly fun game about an alien that has to destroy a shadowy government organization while taking out humans in the process. Last released under the now defunked publisher THQ, it would be hard pressed to find a publisher/developer to take the mantle.


I never got to play this one myself. One of the original rhythm games that had you syncing buttons on a highway. It really was the first real inspiration for Guitar Hero/Rock Band. Heard of by many, loved by the ones who played it, Amplitude is actually getting rebooted for a release in 2016  

Sunset Riders
Sunset Riders NEEDS a reboot. A good, classic style reboot. Sunset Riderssaw you as one of four cowboys making your way through town shooting the shit out of the place. I can’t believe how many hours I played this game. More of a Contra style platformer, Sunset Riders hit the mark with art style, music, and action. SNES games didn’t get any better than this. Now, for the sake of variety, my last choice will be in its original Spanish spelling. 

Sunset Riders

I mean come the fuck on! This game is $80 used on eBay! And it would be worth every penny. If you’ve never played this game, do it. Do it before you die. Spend the money, you will not be disappointed.  

Overall, I can’t help but think that companies in the vein of Capcom will be rebooting or reestablishing old fan favorites that are almost certain to rake in the money. I say in the “vein of Capcom” not because of their pedigree, but because of their financial standing. The past five years has seen Capcom’s profits slowly plummet. If the fall of THQ is anything to go by, there would be plenty of other developers who’d snatch up those IP’s in a heartbeat. Even then, I’d still like to see franchises such as Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Dead Rising, Devil May Cry, Mega Man,and especially Onimusha stay comfortably at home. Rebooting an old love could keep Capcom (and many other developers) doors open, as well as keep those franchises in the forefront of our minds. This is great news, because if Capcom shut down, could you honestly see anyone else improving on Street Fighter? I think not.

Uncle Ed