(Rumor) You might not want to miss the Nintendo Direct tomorrow/ Smash Switch?

(So we usually don’t like posting rumors of upcoming titles, but this caught my interest.)

A few days ago Nintendo announced that they will be hosting a Nintendo Direct on September 13, 2017, which will feature Mario Odyssey as well as upcoming 3DS and Switch titles. The video feed is expected to run for nearly 45 minutes and will kick off at 3 p.m. PDT / 6 p.m. EDT at this link.

Noting the date, fans were quick to point out that September 13th actually marks three years since the latest Smash Bros. release. On the same day back in 2014, Smash 4 landed on the 3DS in Japan.


Could Nintendo have something planned on the Smash Bros. date, or could this just be fans hoping for a new title? Well I guess we will find out tomorrow during the Nintendo Direct.


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