NCG Review: Rise and Shine

Reviewed by NCG_Luis

A game with a simple premise: your world is being attacked, the heroes you consider the best are powerless to do anything, so it is up to you! the underage child with a magical legendary weapon to figure out what’s going on and defeat the bad guys. Easy enough Right?

Out of all the games we have played this year Rise and Shine takes the cake for the simplest idea with the hardest possible way to beat. The game has simple mechanics; Dashes, Double jumps, and shooting ranging from homed bullets to spray and pray. But it’s when the game requires you to do it all at once while solving unique ambient puzzles that lets this sides scroller take you for a ride. Along the way you will find upgrades and additions to your weapon keeping the game from ever feeling repetitive or stagnant.

I could not recommend this game enough, solid gameplay for the modern shoot and think game, it has cutesy and cartoony characters but the gameplay is anything but. If the game gives you enough time try enjoying colorful comic book like backgrounds.

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