Review: 4 Sided Fantasy (Steam)

2D Portal with no portal gun. If I were to say that could you imagine it? Well don’t that is too simplified of an explanation for this game. 4 Sided Fantasy (4SF) is a puzzle game where you can almost teleport between landscapes in order to get to your destination. At the start of the game every time you switch between landscapes you switch between the girl and the boy characters.

If you think of pac man when he goes in one side then comes out the other, then this is that kind of game, you teleport between landscapes in order to climb up or fall down or whatever to the next, it starts pretty simply then it gets harder. I had to stop playing for a while and come back later in order to continue, I also broke the game a couple of times which was kind of frustrating.

Overall though this game is pretty fun and interesting, it reminded me of Journey a bit in that I didn’t know where I was going or if there even was a story to it. If you like puzzle games definitely give this one a try.

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