Persona 5’s Velvet Room Characters and Game Details

If you haven’t been keeping up with Persona 5 news, you surely haven’t notice that the news on the title is constantly coming in. Today Atlus has updated the Persona 5 Japanese website with some new characters profiles (Caroline and Justine) and the one and only Igor.

Also in the latest issue of Famitsu, new details of Persona 5’s Menentos Dungeons and Personas have been published. You can read all of theses details below.

  • Mementos: The Mementos is a dungeon that reflects the heart of the mass, and unlike the Palace, it’s a randomly generated dungeon that changes on each visit. There are quests that will have you reform Shadows, but since the Shadows in here are based off the mass public, you might see their behaviors and tendencies change depending on the weather of the day, and such.


  • Persona: Personas gain bonus experience points with their coop partners, making it easier to level them up. Additionally, the more skills a Persona has, the more they can carry over after being fused. Inherited skills can also be randomly selected.


  • Guillotine (Persona Fusion): “Two Body Guillotine,” “Group Guillotine,” “Search Guillotine,” are some examples. The last one, Search Guillotine, seems likely to be one that lets you select Personas from a book or something, instead of through a regular Guillotine.

Here are some of the options you’ll get:

  • Hanging: Use one Persona as a sacrifice to give another Persona experience points. It has special training characteristics of a social game. Using one of the same Arcana adds more experience points.
  • Electric Chair: By sacrificing a Persona for an item, you can create high-ranked items.
  • Solitary Sending: By intensively training a Persona, you can teach them skills to overcome their weaknesses. The requirement of days (in-game days) is shortened according to the Arcana’s coop level.

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