Tier1 4 Port USB HUB for Xbox One + Thumbstick Gel Caps product review

If you liked the previously reviewed products from TIER1, today we bring you two more items: The 4 Port USB Hub and the Thumb Stick Gel Caps.

4 Port USB HUB
First lets take a look at the USB hub. This is a small but useful hub that you can plug into the side of your Xbox One. This is excellent for local game play with friends because it enables you to charge 4 controllers at once . A plus to the hub is the shape. It is made to the same shape of the Xbox One, and once installed its pretty easy to forget it is even there. Having the hub located on the front provides easy access so you don’t have to reach around the console to plug one cord in the back.

TIER1 designed the hub to utilize USB 3.0 technology so you can expect a fast connection if you plug in a hard drive to the hub.Other items you can plug into the hub include accessories like Guitar Hero drums, microphones, and even fight sticks.  Fight stick accessibility definitely comes in handy for tournament play since players will have to plug their fight stick directly into the console. Lastly, this is a big deal for the current gen issue of game storage, you can use this hub to expand your Xbox One memory with all 4 slots and maximize your storage capacity.

The 4 Port USB hub can be used in multiple ways and well worth the $19.99 price tag.

Thumb Stick Gel Caps
I bet you’re telling yourself, “But what makes these stand out from other thumb caps?” While there isn’t much difference compared to other brands these gel caps are definitely more comfortable than any other thumb caps I’ve purchased. The quality of the material did not feel like a cheap knock off. One thing that did stand out to me was that you don’t actually have to remove your entire thumb stick to use them.  Just slip them on over the top and you’re good to go. The gel caps have a custom shape, which is not only more comfortable, but more responsive because of the nicely formed gel grip section directly in the middle. This became very useful during shooters or games where precision is an absolute must.

The only drawback I can say about these is that the rubber toward the bottom of the caps will occasionally rub the controller, but nothing that would really mess up your pwnage, and the logo on the caps will spin around after a few gaming sessions. Other than that, I can say these are more of a check out before you buy, rather than a must buy. What I can say for the price they are set at ($9.99), you do get enough caps to cover two controllers, something most companies do not offer.

You can find these items plus many more here.

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