NCG Recommends: FLCL

You ever feel like an anime ended too soon? Or do you like short anime? Look no further than Fooly Cooly with an amazingly low run time of 3 hours-only 6 episodes total.

FLCL is a coming of age story that follows Naota as he tries to deal with what else? Growing up. He’s confused and things only get more confusing for him when Haruko shows up and runs him over/hits him with a guitar.


If you aren’t paying attention the whole story will pass you by and leave you confused, but that just means you can re-watch it and try to get the story. I actually recommend watching it 2 or 3 times since you will always catch something in the animation that you missed before.

If you get a chance, also read the manga. It’s only 2 volumes but it’s also a tad bit darker. Just try understanding that without getting traumatized.

Think you’ll give it a watch? Let me know.

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