Danganronpa 3: Future Arc Episode 3

Cruel Violence and Hollow Words
(I do not recommend reading further until you have watched the episode)

While I feel utterly cheated out of a dramatic death, I am happy to see one of my favorite characters survive. However, why did the attacker go so far as to create the elaborate set up? I’m slightly bothered that the characters never address it or try to figure out why the attacker would create the distraction from the real death.  It was completely brushed off.

I am sensing a theme, however. I want to see if it holds true for the next attack. Both bodies were found suspended in the air.  Do you think it has any meaning?

At this point in the series, characters are trying to deduce Monokuma’s motives.  It’s hinted that Monokuma does not want everyone to die. Munakata suggests that if their goal was to destroy the Future Foundation he should have been the next victim; Monokuma does not want to kill everyone.  Kirigiri furthers this hypothesis saying that Monokuma does not want to win; the less people there are, the easier it would be to figure out who the attacker is. There is definitely another atrocious despair inducing motive behind the final game!

More mysteries start to unfold.  What is the relationship between Ruruka/Izayoi and Seiko? Who is “that girl” Kizakura must find?

Here is also a list of everyone’s forbidden actions (that have been revealed so far):
Daisaku Bandai-Witnessing violence against a participant
Makoto Naegi– Run in the Hallway
Miaya Gekkogahara– Turn right
Aoi Asahina- Be hit with a punch of kick

While some have not been revealed, I believe that Izayoi’s involves consuming food or being fed, and Munakata’s has to do with opening doors.  Do you have any guesses on other forbidden actions? Do you have your own suspect? Any other last words about the episode? Let me know in the comments!



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