Danganronpa 3: Future Arc Episode 2 – Hang the Witch

Hang the Witch
*Please note, there are spoilers ahead*

A new game begins!  Here are the new rules:

Rule #1 – Time limit
When the timer runs out, everyone is injected with a sleeping drug.

Rule #2 – The attacker
While everyone is asleep one attacker will wake up.  The attacker will be given a time limit within to kill exactly one person.*There is a traitor
*If the timer runs out and no one is dead, the game is cleared!

Rule #3 – Forbidden actions
Everyone has a single action they cannot perform.  If the action is performed the bracelet administers a lethal dose of poison.

Just like season 1 the game is being recorded and broadcasted.

When I described Danganronpa to people I said it was like Battle Royale with a mix of Pheonix Wright.  Episode 2 of Future Arc further implants the Battle Royale concept with the bracelets and the elimination of the class trial system.

One thing that bugged me about the episode is (SPOILER) the scene of Bandai’s death.  The scene completely lacked background music so the events played out rather suddenly and awkwardly.  This didn’t hit my emotional buttons the way it should have, especially because Bandai seemed like the comic relief of the series so far and I was looking forward to it.

We are also reintroduced to Monomi, who once again becomes Usami. No need to fret over Bandai because the comic relief is back.  I’m not sure if Usami fits in with Future Arc, but her presence does reveal some clues: Monokuma has never seen Usami before.  This means that Makoto and Kirigiri cannot be the traitor since they’ve met her in the Neo World Program. The second clue she reveals is that the Future Foundation was hacked from the inside, which means other members from the original series (Toko, Byakuya, Hagakure) are also not traitors.

The end of the episode just goes to show how cruel the creators of this series are!

The death count so far is 3. Let’s see what episode 3 will bring us next!  Leave your thoughts, comments, theories, and whatever else you would like to add to the comments! Please warn others of any spoilers. We don’t want to ruin the series for those who haven’t watched it yet.



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